Hacking for a #BetterConnected future!

#BetterConnected hackathon
This month, Axway team members participated in an internal virtual hackathon that was led by the Axway Griffin Lab. The  Griffin Lab is a special Axway team set up to assist customers with Digital Transformation and Innovation challenges through co-creation.

#BetterConnected hackathon: The idea

The #BetterConnected hackathon was set up to run for one week while the two weeks prior to execution were set aside for team and idea preparation.

Main goals of hackathon

While the project deliverables of a hackathon are very valuable to companies and their team members, the goals of this hackathon were to have a broader impact on society. They included the following:

  • Discover and learn how Axway’s AMPLIFY Platform can help organizations to innovate faster.

  • Collaborate as virtual teams in these trying times of increased isolation.

  • Generate ideas and prototypes that are part of a solution bigger than ourselves and can be used to create something that can help others.

On your mark… Get set… Go!

Ideas started coming in quickly during the two weeks prior to the start of the hackathon and the Axway team members from around the world started collaborating to discuss ideas and recruit members to form teams around these great ideas.

In the end, there were 13 Teams with members from 4 Continents and 11 departments!

Axway’s Griffin Innovation Lab and others did an awesome job leading the Hackathon and made themselves available to answer questions and give assistance to the many teams that were participating. Read more detailed information about the Griffin Lab.

So many great ideas!

The Axway hackathon teams did not disappoint, and they were able to deliver on so many great ideas. Our team of distinguished judges spent a great deal of time reviewing the many submissions and some finalist included:

Hybrid Fitness Program: A platform which stimulates Axway employees to be more active by gathering all exercises—and pictures and videos of exercises—from around the world and motivate others!

Uplift App: A mobile app for giving and receiving local help within your community based on location and personal relationships.

Central Order Signing Solution: A pharmaceutical order signature solution to sign anywhere, anytime, on any device, in order to allow quicker delivery of essential drugs and equipment for pharmacies and hospitals.

Stay tuned for some blog posts coming soon where you can go behind the scenes with some of these projects and learn more about the problems they solved and the technology they leveraged to deliver a solution!

Remote challenges

As a completely remote hackathon, #BetterConnected referred not only to be able to better connect the world but also for Axway employees to use available resources to better connect with each other! From talking to many participants and organizers, I am able to say that the Away Team members met these challenges with amazing success!

As a bonus

Not only were we able to collectively bring a lot of great ideas to fruition, but several Axway team members accepted the challenge to participate in the #EUvsVirus hackathon this past weekend! They were able to take some great ideas from the #BetterConnected Hackathon and grow them into new ideas and solutions to help with the ongoing challenges the world is facing!

Read more about how Axway innovates with hackathons.