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API News Roundup – November 2020


It’s the season to give thanks, and we are extremely grateful for our readers sticking with us through two years of delivering the latest API articles via our API news roundups. Here is your look at the top API stories for November 2020.

The New Normal

How DevOps and Development Can Adapt to the New Normal – Part 2

DEVOPSdigest posed the following question to the development community: How should DevOps and development adapt to the new normal? In response, DevOps industry experts offered their best recommendations for how development teams can adapt to this new remote work environment. Part 2 covers team management and schedules.

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Eight surprise silver linings for IT emerge from the pandemic cloud

Unquestionably, the coronavirus crisis has been devastating to humanity, taking its toll on lives, health, and livelihood. It has caused undue stress and anxiety, discomfort, and anger in nearly every aspect of daily life.

But call it glass-half-full or looking at the sunny side of life, surprising silver linings for the tech enterprise have emerged from the cloud of COVID-19. TechRepublic consulted experts and data to find the positives that came from a very bad negative.

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Three Things Preventing Your Business from Being Remotely Consumable in the Era of Distancing

As humans, we are prone to cognitive biases. It’s not our fault. It’s just the way we are wired. For example, in the current business climate, many companies are facing the gap between perception and reality, and the stakes are enormous — the very existence and continuation of the business itself as some business models will not survive in the post-pandemic world.

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TravelPerk launches an API for COVID-19 restrictions

About a month after outting an open API platform for its customers to augment their apps, business trip SaaS startup TravelPerk has launched a standalone API product aimed at helping the wider travel industry provide up-to-date information on travel restrictions and risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Transform it Forward Podcast: Accelerating the Future of Healthcare

API Economy

Growth Of The API Economy Requires IT Operational Flexibility

Today, the prevalence of API communications in companies and organizations has caused some experts to define these times as the new “API economy.” The growth of application programming interface (API) use has been on a strong trajectory, and it shows no signs of slowing.

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Microsoft Flirts with Charging for API Software Connections

Microsoft may have started something new by attempting to charge its customers for software that uses its application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Developer Tips

Facebook API may help speed up Google Chrome

A Facebook application programming interface called isInputPending will be available in Chrome 87 and may help speed up content loading.

Amazon Web Services APIs can allegedly be exploited to steal user data

News of yet another company exposing its data to all and sundry on cloud storage is so normal now that you can pre-write the news and insert the name of the company.
This time, however, Amazon Web Services Inc. itself allegedly allows hackers to get access to user data through its application programming interfaces.

API University

How APIs Work and How to Integrate Them Into Your App

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are one of the ultimate shortcuts for building smart apps. It’s a communication channel between two applications. Whether or not deliberately, you’ve used APIs at some points while browsing the internet or using programs in your daily life.

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A Seven-Step Guide to API-First Integration

From the time you wake up to the time you go back to bed, how many digital services do you think you interact with within a given day? All digital media — e.g., mobile applications, websites, social media applications, everyday banking applications, and ATMs — use APIs, and, directly or indirectly, we interact with APIs throughout the day.

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API Formats: Why JSON won over XML

The vast majority of APIs today are using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to represent the structured data that they are exchanging. While JSON has been popular for a number of years now, there still are APIs out there that use the Extensible Markup Language (XML) instead, and in some communities, this still is a popular data format.


Thank you for reading our API News roundup — November 2020. We’ll see you next month with more API headlines.

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