Axway and Blue Karma Security come together for better solutions with MFT

Axway and Blue Karma Security

Blue Karma Security provides IT Solutions, Services, and Support, from the industry’s leading technology manufacturers.

By joining the Axway Partner Program, they can go to market with confidence knowing they are providing their customers with an industry-leading portfolio that meets their requirements for innovation.

Also, the Partner Program provides access to sales and marketing tools, training, certifications, as well as customer stories which deliver new resources and benefits to the team.

About Blue Karma Security

Blue Karma Security brings over 20+ years of expertise in Security Software Solutions.

With diligence and proven experience, they have built strong relationships with customers in both the private and public sectors.

Leading by example…

The Blue Karma team is committed to the core principles of service, integrity, and professionalism.

Janine Bodwin, the CEO, believes in creating long-lasting relationships with her customers.

In order to provide the most up-to-date solutions to her customers, she keeps the business strongly focused on cybersecurity, business intelligence, business workflow, content management, digital and cloud-based solutions.

 “Blue Karma is a women-owned, Certified Small Business with expertise in serving both the public and private sector.”

Axway Managed File Transfer solution — the right fit!

Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) was the solution that drew Blue Karma Security to Axway. Amplify Managed File Transfer provides a centralized, secure way to transfer and exchange files internally and externally with strong visibility.

Another attraction was Axway’s Syncplicity solution because no VPN is needed which is a benefit given the increase in people working from home.

Users can securely share folders and access files on the road. Plus, the solution helps mitigate the risk of data loss due to ransomware, lost equipment, etc.

 “Axway provides scalability with one solution portfolio that meets Blue Karma’s customer requirements from digital transformation and governance to security and compliance.”

Partnership expectations

Axway and Blue Karma Security look forward to driving new business opportunities in all vertical markets for the future benefit of their customers.

Value to customers

Axway guides innovation and enhances the customer experience more securely than ever! Axway’s expert solutions help Blue Karma Security deliver a better customer experience and digital transformation journey for excellent results.

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