How Axway is assisting companies facing an increase in remote workers

How Axway is assisting companies facing an increase in remote workers

The past couple of weeks have been challenging for all of us. We are all confronting something that we don’t completely understand, with an undefined timeline and with outcomes that we cannot control. The current situation has very quickly changed the way companies, and their customers or partners work.

Every day, we hear about new regions adopting shelter in place orders or hardening restrictions. This has driven companies to transition to a remote workforce, almost overnight. It became clear to us at Axway that we wanted in some way to help the global community get through this challenging time.

Remote workforce

At Axway, we are now operating almost 100% with a remote workforce. Our global team already had the capabilities to work from home, but not all companies are set up this way.

Our team came together to come up with a way to help companies overcome at least some of the challenges they are facing and provide a meaningful and effective way to improve the work from home experience.

Addressing an increase in remote workers

We are uniquely qualified to address the influx of remote workers. Not only did we count on a sizeable already remote workforce, but we also offer a solution that empowers companies, like Axway, to access files and collaborate remotely. Therefore, we decided to offer temporarily our File sharing and Content Collaboration solution, Syncplicity by Axway, for free.

Syncplicity is a secure cloud service that can be deployed quickly, to provide immediate support and relief for users who are transitioning to work remotely. It provides companies the ability to provision employee accounts and includes cloud storage for their users. With this initiative, global teams can access and share folder and files remotely and collaborate efficiently—while their IT departments retain overall control, security and governance. Additionally, we are offering free trainings and resources to help support newly remote teams.

Our hearts go out to those who are fighting the virus and to the first responders, to their families, and all the essential employees that are making sure that the rest of us can stay home and stay healthy. Thank you.

Learn more about the Syncplicity announcement in the press release that was issued today.


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Patrick Donovan is Axway's CEO.


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