OpenLegacy joins the Axway’s Technology Alliance Program

OpenLegacy joins Axway’s Technology Alliance Program

We are pleased to announce that OpenLegacy has joined the Axway Technology Alliance Program to develop integrations and joint solutions to “Open Everything” with the legacy infrastructure our customers and prospects already have in place.

About OpenLegacy

OpenLegacy provides Digital-Driven Integration to handle one of the most complex parts of application integrations — the connections with legacy systems, mainframes, applications, and databases.

OpenLegacy’s Digital-Driven Integration enables organizations with legacy systems to release new digital services faster and more efficiently than ever before.

It connects directly to even the most complex legacy systems, bypassing the need for extra layers of technology. It then automatically generates APIs in minutes, rapidly integrating those assets into new and exciting innovations.

Further, it deploys these APIs as standard microservices or serverless functions, giving organizations speed and flexibility while drastically cutting costs and resources.

With OpenLegacy, industry-leading companies can release new apps, features, and updates in days instead of months, enabling them to become truly digital to the core.

The challenge

In most enterprises, valuable data and digital capabilities are locked away in hard-to-reach legacy systems and siloed applications.

In many cases, customers might not even know what digital assets they have at their disposal. That’s why it’s time to “Open Everything” so customers can unlock data and innovate with the legacy IT infrastructure they already have in place.

How OpenLegacy complements Amplify

OpenLegacy complements our Amplify API Management Platform solution by exposing data from legacy systems as standard microservices — and serverless-based APIs that can be nimbly composed into new digital experiences.

Simply put, this exposes legacy systems as RESTful APIs that are ready to be governed by Amplify API Management.

Wait… Don’t all large enterprises have legacy systems?

Legacy systems are everywhere from banks, energy companies, manufacturing of all types, the defense industry, transportation, hospitals, insurance, and more.

Some enterprises have “legacy systems” that are homegrown applications whose original developers have vanished, leaving the organization stuck with a massive refactoring challenge.

Almost every bank uses a mainframe because only big iron provides the processing power to support the many functions banks need a computer to perform.

The integration provided by this partnership will provide the modernization of legacy infrastructure needed for enterprises to truly “Open Everything” to meet digital transformation goals.

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