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ecosystems and platforms

The automotive industry and a Telco analogy

As an expert on ecosystems and platforms, I am nevertheless taking the risk to share some thoughts I have had to go through lately....
Mr. Open Banking interview with Carlos Kazuo Missao

The great unbanked: An interview with Carlos Kazuo Missao

The following article is an adapted transcript based on the audio recording of Season 2, Episode 2 of the Mr. Open Banking podcast. The...
OpenLegacy joins Axway’s Technology Alliance Program

OpenLegacy joins the Axway’s Technology Alliance Program

We are pleased to announce that OpenLegacy has joined the Axway Technology Alliance Program to develop integrations and joint solutions to "Open Everything" with the...
The Pensions Dashboard

MaPS: Building for the Pensions Dashboard, Part 2

The Pensions Dashboard is evidence that the influence of open APIs and the open everything agenda is growing beyond the confines of open banking...
UK MaPS and Open Banking

UK MaPS and Open Banking

If you look at the “open” initiatives being considered, investigated, researched, or implemented around the world, the most prominent and advanced are building on...
Axway and FDX

Axway joins Financial Data Exchange (FDX) to exchange ideas on Open Banking

The Open Banking/finance/insurance movement continues to gain momentum. The global Open Banking market value in 2019 was $9,045M with an expected growth of 24%...
PSD2 from compliance to acceleration

How Axway turns PSD2 from compliance to acceleration

Axway turns PSD2 from compliance to acceleration by moving a vision of PSD2 fulfillment to the concept of open banking. PSD2 is only the...
Efficiency KPIs

KPIs for APIs, Part 3 — Efficiency KPIs

In Part Two of the series on KPIs for APIs, we discussed how KPIs are being used and what KPIs are agreed upon to...
energy and innovation

Open Everything: What place is there for energy players?

In recent years, energy has been at the center of debates around social responsibility, but it has also become a major line of reflection...

Transhumanism: The Next API Will Be Human

Save this date in your calendars: on August 28, 2020, Elon Musk will give a press conference to present Neuralink's latest developments. This announcement takes...

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