Shining the light on Axway’s partnerships

Axway's partnerships

A few months ago, we announced and published Axway’s enhanced Partner Programs for Technology Alliance Partners and Business Partners.

We are now happy to shine the light on a few of Axway’s partners on our website in Phase two of our partner program enhancements. On the Technology Alliance partnerships side, we are featuring Microsoft, AWS, Stoplight, and Backflipt. On the Business side, our partner Adelius is covered.

Axway’s partnerships with leading companies demonstrate the commitment to promoting our relationships and joint solutions, especially for those in the top two partnership levels within each of the programs (Elite and Advanced for Technical Alliances and Elite and Premier for Business partners with Partner badges to designate the membership level).

With the updated “Find a Partner” page, Axway provides customers an improved way to simplify the search for the most progressive technology and business solutions.

Axway’s partnerships

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Elite Tier Partnership

AWS is a global brand and one of the world’s most all-encompassing and largely used cloud platforms. AWS offers over 175 fully featured services from data centers around the world, as well as AWS now has over 100,000 partners in its partner ecosystem.

Axway is an Advanced Technology Partner with AWS. Axway utilizes AWS services to provide protected digital solutions to its customers from healthcare and life sciences to other infrastructures.

Backflipt: Advanced Partnership Tier

Backflipt—an Advanced Tier Partner for Axway — offers advanced machine learning, along with content vectorizing techniques to emerge content for users. Additionally, they track behaviors to understand the interest of a user.

Backflipt’s partnership provides AI and Machine Learning technology and Content Collaboration to increase productivity. This drives better engagement for a secure environment for data protection.

Microsoft Azure (Elite Partnership Tier)

Microsoft Azure is an Elite Partner with Axway. With Axway AMPLIFY™ API Management on Microsoft Azure, companies gain exceptional customer experience via a secure platform. Many other Axway products are used by Microsoft Azure as well.


Stoplight: Advanced Partnership Tier

Stoplight is a business API Design platform that drives API delivery. No more ebbs and flows, with Stoplight, you have a smooth transition with APIs.

As an Advanced Partnership Tier member, Stoplight and Axway bring the best offerings for an API solution for its customers. Targeted API Design offerings bring the entire API Lifecycle to the forefront for Axway’s customers.

Adelius (Premier Tier partner)

Adelius is a Premier Tier Business partner with Axway. Adelius specializes in IT production and integration. Adelius seeks to modernize its offerings around expertise and flexibility.

Since 2014, Axway and Adelius have been in a partnership to deliver first-in-class Axway AMPLIFY™ Managed File Transfer (MFT) which leverages APIs. With numerous benefits to its partnership, Adelius works as a reselling partner and helps fulfill MFT projects. Adelius has also implemented its own Competency Center to bring better advantages to the fold.

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