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Axwegians come together for a great cause: Feed My Starving Children

Axwegians come together for a great cause: Feed My Starving Children

An impressive team of 17 Axwegians and their families came together in Phoenix to prepare, seal and pack boxes full of nutrient-rich meals to be sent to children that otherwise would not have access to food in Cambodia. Enter “Feed My Starving Children” and great things happen.

Breaking the cycle of hunger

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is an organization that provides nutritionally complete meals that are specifically formulated for malnourished children. Founded in 1987 as a Christian non-profit, their unified goal is to meet the need of starving people by creating nutritious meal formulas that will make a real impact on their lives.

Every day, FMSC delivers meals around the world to clinics, orphanages, schools and others, bringing hope to those less fortunate.

 FMSC’s motto is: “We want to reach everyone until ALL are fed.”

The Axway teamed up with FMSC to volunteer for this worthy cause, joining the more than 1.3 million volunteers who helped out FMSC last year. Axwegians from the Phoenix office brought their team spirit to the table, working diligently to make their contribution to the fight against hunger.

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Thanks to the amazing efforts of the Axway team, our #BetterTogether motto took on a new meaning. In less than two hours, Axwegians prepared 27,648 meals that were distributed around the world. Axway’s team spirit brings new hope to those less fortunate and it was our great pleasure to come together to help FMSC continue to bring their cause to the forefront.

Axwegians volunteer

We are looking forward to continuing this tradition and further volunteering as a team where needed in the Axway community. We thank all those that attended and donated their time and money to this very special cause.

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If you are interested in donating, click this link to discover more vital information.