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Customers can now provision AMPLIFY Platform in a secure EU region

EU Region Amplify Axway

We are happy to announce Axway customers can now choose Europe as an additional region to be provisioned into the AMPLIFY™ platform (in addition to the United States).

Securing the Data Landscape

Enterprises continue to be challenged to innovate while also controlling costs, providing excellent customer service, ensuring revenue growth, and meeting regulatory, security, and customer compliance mandates.

At the same time, the data landscape supporting enterprises is changing rapidly. The way data is transferred and utilized is more fluid than ever before.

To help address these challenges, AMPLIFY customers can choose the region where they would like to be provisioned starting today.

With the addition of the European region, Axway is now able to provide regionalization of storage that is compliant with customer needs and requirements in the EU region for both trials and paying customers.

How data is stored

Cloud-based AMPLIFY Platform data is stored as follows:

Business essential data is stored centrally:

  • Authentication data (users, organizations, and teams)
  • Configuration data (Application metadata)
  • Subscription usage data (for billing purposes)

Runtime data is stored regionally:

  • Transactional and analytical data
  • Audit data
  • Telemetry data
  • Log information
  • Application integration data


Regardless of the region that you are provisioned in, the Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24/7 support for customers with active support agreements. Customers requiring support should email support@axway.com or visit Axway Support. Try it today.

Trial customers can choose the EU region as part of the self-service sign up. For non-trial purposes, Axway will provision the user’s organization in the region of choice (EU or U.S.) as part of the initial setup process.

To try AMPLIFY and the various services in either of the available regions, please navigate here and sign up for an account today.

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