AI and Machine Learning: Intelligent content services with Syncplicity

AI and Machine Learning: Intelligent content services with Syncplicity

AI and machine learning (ML) are industry buzz words that are used by marketers to grab attention, but we believe AI and ML are key to engaging the new workforce with millennials driving the workplace of tomorrow.  Organizations are always looking to drive more from their workforce and technologies like AI and machine learning, and these technologies are going to be key to helping drive productivity, innovation, and engagement. So, the question remains how to leverage these new technologies to solve business problems and challenges while ensuring that the intelligence surfaced and generated is secure.

Millennials have changed the mindset in the organization–the need for better tools to improve the workday, eliminate boring, mundane tasks that take time away from innovation, the desire for more information in relevant and meaningful ways and delivered in real-time and the right time. 

The Synplicity by Axway and Backflipt partnership brings together AI and machine learning-based technology and Content Collaboration to enhance enterprise productivity and drive insightful engagement in the way a secure environment with the right policies for data protection should.

Let’s take a look at some real-world use cases.

Crowdsourcing the Intelligence

Consider the sales organization as it is trying to move an opportunity forward–sifting through portals, file shares, and emails for the right asset.  The time-consuming activity to find the right resource is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Or a seller trying to find information that could help him with an opportunity (i.e. sharing the recent Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report could influence the customer decision or appropriate use of a new client testimonial that can help close the deal). How about inside sales engaging with the most effective content while pursuing new leads or sharing a relevant white paper that can build an advisory relationship with the customer?

Garnishing the intelligence by analyzing document performance reports or in conversations with other sellers and quarterly reviews does not fit into the modern workforce’s work style. They would like to see thetTrending information delivered to them in real-time.

Consider a newly recruited service engineer looking to find resources to resolve a ticket. Somewhere else a similar pesky turbine issue was addressed by another engineer using an obscure app-note from Boeing – so how do you bring this intelligence to the newly recruited service engineer? Having access to the right information can significantly cut down the downtime for the aircraft.

The traditional workplace has largely been centered around content silos and unstructured content living in multiple places (repositories). This paradigm is old, where IT was driving much of the workforce productivity tools, and were responsible for rolling out business applications or business processes. With the new workforce, the workers expect to have relevant information at their fingertips and have no patience for mundane tasks. Enterprises want the workforce to be well informed and enhance their customers’ experience. The reality is that users have to work with a multitude of applications and content repositories just to find what they are looking for.

With Syncplicity integration with Backflipt to bring together AI and machine learning’s crowdsourcing and Syncplicity’s repository services and security governance, productivity can significantly improve as well as employee effectiveness–driving better customer experience with a positive impact on the bottom line.

Syncplicity and Backflipt–benefits in a snapshot

  1. Increase productivity with Machine Learning: Surfacing the content of Interest: Automatically crowdsource the knowledge from an enterprise and present the content directly in users’ workflow
  • Staying secure–“One Click” sharing with corporate governance; A single point to establish content governance for collaboration: In addition to productivity gains, using Backflipt with Syncplicity enterprises can automatically extend Corporate Governance to content residing in SharePoint and OneDrive repositories used for collaboration.
  • Single point access to enterprise content intelligently: Virtualize the content layer across the enterprise and cloud repositories. No more enterprise “Dark Matter, “intelligently surface content from 30+ enterprise repositories, file systems, industry-leading cloud repositories like Syncplicity, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and others.
  • Contextual suggestions into the user’s application workflow -Surface the relevant content in context, in Office 365 applications and Google office, emails and applications like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SOHO, NOW, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Empower the users to be productive in the Digital Workspace.
  • Ranked searches -Showing the search results based on the enterprise social and community behavior and not merely on the keywords.

Learn more about how Syncplicity by Axway and Backflipt work together in this on-demand webinar.