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How the Federal Employment Agency in Germany innovates thanks to APIs

Bundesagentur für Arbeit needed an all-encompassing solution to secure its foundation for API innovation. Axway’s AMPLIFY™ API Management provided the solution.

About Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Bundesagentur für Arbeit is a key player in the German labor market and a Federal Employment Agency (BA). As a self-governing organization in the public sector within the labor market, BA acts independently. BA employs over 95,000 employees in Germany in 98 countries.

Furthermore, BA works in the area of employment and unemployment insurance allocation, providing professional guidance to job seekers, along with job placement and training. Self-administration and mediation are also crucial elements of BA which provide services to countless clients on a daily basis.

“We handle around 40 million e-mails per day and 16 million payment transactions in a month,” said Walter Karl, Lead Architect at IT-Systemhaus der Bundesagentur für Arbeit. Due to the vast amount that needs to be processed, services such as job placement and financial aid require a strong interface that needs to be both dependable and secure.

Numerous issues to address

“From an organizational perspective, the challenge was to integrate policy implementation and update process in our condition to continue delivery to pipelines, and from a technical aspect to get generic policies for our APIs,” Walter stated.

Since Bundesagentur für Arbeit utilizes APIs consistently, API innovation is key. BA extended its capabilities with Amplify API Management, along with the API Portal to bring about a solution that works effectively to meet BA’s needs.

With AMPLIFY API Management, Axway provided BA with the necessary protection that helps oversee, protect, analyze, and further BA’s APIs to the outside market. Also, API Management provides the essential protection to safeguard BA’s APIs against unauthorized access and threats. Additionally, with the API Portal, BA now is able to drive rapid developer productivity.

API innovation

With regular discussions between the development and security departments that handle BA’s requests, Walter says BA is satisfied that the API Management platform integrated within their secure infrastructure.

Further, with the API Gateway and API Management to address BA’s concerns, they are now able to offer their APIs to the external market in a secure manner. It’s just one of the ways Axway is helping BA with its API innovation. READ MORE: Read about how Axway’s Amplify API Management works.

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