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Employee Spotlight: Lucas Tallec brings motivation and hard work to Axway

Every month, we are sharing a spotlight, video and/or blog post, about an Axway employee, one of our great Griffins. In April, we shared with you the journey of our colleague, Iolanda Marin from Romania to Paris, and to her current role as a Customer Experience Specialist.

This month, we bring you another inspiring example of commitment, achievement, journey, motivation, and work ethic. Meet Lucas Tallec.

Lucas Tallec is a Sales Director for France, BeLux, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. In his multi-layered position, he has built and manages a team of nine account executives all based in the Paris office but covering multiple countries, original company’s sizes and across different industries.

Lucas’ goal is to motivate and grow his team so they can achieve and exceed the objectives set for the team. As the link between Axway and its customers, he likes to defend both interests so everyone can be happy with the outcome of the deal.

From Sales to Sales Director

Almost four years ago, Lucas joined Axway as a Business Development Representative. In this capacity, he had to detect opportunities in API Management and build a pipeline for different Account Executives in France.

From this position, Lucas worked toward becoming an Account Executive. Initially, he focused on small to medium accounts but shortly after he jumped and started also managing larger accounts in France. In 2019, Lucas started working on key FSI accounts in Belgium for Axway.

All along the way thanks to his motivation and hard work, Lucas achieved great successes over the years: he was named Axway’s Top Performer for 2018 and he repeated the same achievement for 2019.

These great successes led to his promotion as Sales Director in 2020 and the significant expansion of his role.  Lucas says, “My role today is to build a fresh team and to train, motivate and manage nine sales reps.” He also works to open new accounts and generate an additional pipeline to drive future revenue.


Lucas finds inspiration by helping other people flourish in their jobs, as well as finding the right solutions to customers’ needs. For Lucas, it’s important to always stay focused on the objectives to achieve great performances.

Furthermore, it’s also inspiring to be able to share and provide feedback on your experiences with your leaders and peers about what can be improved or done differently.

As a Sales Director now, Lucas always works to be an example and work with his team one-on-one to transmit the company’s vision and make his team members excel in their roles.

For Lucas is important to stay connected with the customers and present for his team so he can continue to have a strategic view on the business and be able to provide the right answers to his team and the customers.

The best part of the job

Lucas’ relationship with his team is the most important for successful collaboration. By working together effectively, as well as finding solutions that come together collectively, the team can grow and be better together.

Second, Lucas enjoys the collaborative side of the deal-making. This involves participating in the entire sales cycle from opportunity detection to closing the deal with customers.

What Lucas likes about working at Axway

When it comes to being part of a team, Lucas feels lucky to work with such motivated people. Lucas says the culture at Axway is fantastic and he loves bringing ideas to the table and being valued within the group. It’s all about teamwork and the relationships you build.

 You’re not a number at Axway, you’re valued for your contribution.

Personal advice for taking this career path

Lucas is a firm believer in self-motivation. When you have goals in mind, you need to stay focused and work hard to achieve them.

 Nothing is impossible, and everything can be achieved when you put your mind to it. 

It’s all about your drive and learning from others along the way. Indeed, Lucas has the chance to meet some exceptional leaders and persons who have inspired him to take the career path he has taken by learning more about the topic of sales and how to be customer-centric. Also, when you have an open mind and listen to others, your vision of the world expands.

What is your philosophy for life!

Lucas is clear: “I don’t have dreams, I have goals.” Lucas is a true believer that you must work hard for your success. Nothing comes easy in life without hard work. Everything is possible for someone who wants to achieve their goals if they put their minds to it. Motivation is very important when it comes to this philosophy.

In your downtime, what do you like to do?

Lucas is quite passionate about politics, gastronomy, and traveling the world. But most of all, he likes spending time with his wife and daughter. Lucas loves to taste different cuisines from other countries and cooking for his family is one of his hobbies.

When it comes to determination and motivation, Lucas brings great focus to Axway. Thank you, Lucas, for following your path to achieving your goals.

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