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David Morgan takes being Director of the Catalysts to the next level for Axway

David Morgan Axway

David Morgan brings wonderful vitality to lead his new team. As “Director of the Catalysts” at Axway, he has moved to the Customer Success Organization side to help form and lead this new team into the future.

What exactly are the Catalysts here at Axway? By definition, the Catalysts are a small group of highly proficient colleagues with a different set of complementary skill sets that work together to form a powerhouse group.

This group brings together their knowledge and expertise to speed up interactions and transformations — both internally and externally, for the team.

The team’s expertise lies in API and hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ (HIP). When working internally, they collaborate to bring groups together to drive change and digital transformation. Externally, the team takes a “consultative approach” to new and existing clients focusing on API and HIP strategy. The Catalysts provide expert-level advice that is based on real-world experience.

David is based in Ireland. After having spent six years in Phoenix and seven in Paris, Ireland now serves as a great middle time zone to interact across different teams from the States, LATAM, EMEA and APAC.

David Morgan: His approach to the job

In David’s day-to-day approach to his new job, he brings a great skill set of listening, evaluating, and responding to requests in a timely manner. As Director of the Catalysts, every customer that David encounters is completely different in terms of needs. He likes to formulate and tailor his approach to each situation on an individual basis — both internal and external.

David Morgan at work
David Morgan at work

The best part of the job!

With a new position at hand, David has the exciting challenge of setting a new roadmap for customers. For David, the best part of his job is “helping people and organizations achieve their objectives and resolve complex or frustrating problems.” Like in programming, helping to advance and formulate a vision, as well as resolve issues brings David a great amount of job satisfaction.

David’s advice

It’s not surprising that many people would want to follow in David’s footsteps. David says that he took an “interesting path” to his current role. “From dabbling in system administration, programming, welding, automotive repair, geology, and then finally back to programming full time and on the road to where I am today,” said David.

David says that he has always been “a generalist.” His best advice to anyone starting in the computer world is the simple act of listening! This may sound simple but take it to heart! By listening to your peers, detractors, etc., David says you will learn much along the way. David firmly believes that by putting yourself in the mindset of your customer’s shoes, you can step back and form a “clear plan of attack.”

Philosophy for life!

David’s philosophy for life is a clear one. “Enjoy the day, look at the horizon, but focus on the moment!” Words everyone can learn from in this day and age! Read another Customer Success story here.


Life isn’t all work and no play. In David’s downtime, he loves to spend time with his growing family, along with gravel cycling. David even finds the time, as he says, for “spending too much time on photography equipment while getting out for a lovely day to view nature.”

David Morgan's photography of male Costas hummingbird, drinking out of an Ocotillo flower that was taken in Phoenix
David Morgan’s photography of male Costas hummingbird, drinking out of an Ocotillo flower that was taken in Phoenix

All in all, David’s well-rounded approach to his position as the Director of the Catalysts and his philosophy for life make David Morgan a wonderful Customer Success story for Axway. Thanks for your great contribution!

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