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How to collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace

Have you ever wondered how you can collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace? Look no further than the Axway AMPLIFY File sharing and content collaboration solution by Syncplicity. Syncplicity allows you to take charge of your files by seizing the moment via a secure file sharing solution users will be ready to adopt.

Share files securely

Some IT departments no longer want to work with legacy systems because they slow down productivity. To stay competitive, you need to have access to information anytime and anywhere, 24/7. Syncplicity affords you this possibility by being able to share files securely.

With this cloud-based content collaboration tool at your disposal, you can make your workday so much more trouble-free and more productive. Furthermore, IT now doesn’t need to worry about the security risks of users going rogue! When it comes to being able to share files securely, the “best defense is a good offense.”

Today’s IT decision-makers now say in a global survey that “nearly 96% understand the importance of file sharing, yet only 20% are confident that their current system will deliver.” With the Axway AMPLIFY file sharing and content collaboration by Syncplicity, file sharing in a rapid manner is now something that IT wishes to adopt for their organization.

Why Syncplicity?

With 24/7 access anytime and anywhere, on any device, Syncplicity lets you set productivity standards at a higher level. Additionally, Syncplicity helps lower costs for your organization. How is this possible? By consolidating old content and repositories on-premise, or in a private or public cloud, you permit lower costly maintenance and resources of your prior legacy systems.

Also, data residency ensures security by ensuring security and compliance. And with Syncplicity, you are able to get real-time desktop protection against cyber crime. With all these advantages to having Syncplicity at your disposal, why would you want to live in a bygone era with outdated software? Read how Syncplicity drives digital transformation.

Look no further than AMPLIFY Content Collaboration. You will go one step further to ensure true access for file sharing between your users and people inside—and outside your organization. Don’t get left behind. Join the revolution that is taking place in rapid file sharing and content collaboration with Syncplicity.

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