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Meet Bill Bryant: Vice President, Sales–Alliances and Partnerships for Axway

Bill Bryant: Vice President, Sales: Alliances and Partnerships

We are proud to welcome Bill Bryant, the new Vice President, Sales–Alliances and Partnerships at Axway. He brings distinct insights and skills to the position to take partnerships to the next level.

Bill will lead the Alliances and Channels team in North America to build and develop existing and future partnerships and create synergies through the ecosystem. He is also in charge to drive Axway’s revenue growth.

 One word to describe how Bill works is “transparent.”

Taking on the opportunity

Bill says he joined Axway because a unique opportunity presented itself. Axway, as a top-rated company, has a very healthy CAGR that is recognized by analysts as a leader in its chosen markets.

In this role, Bill is tasked with developing the North American channels activities and business to make it a significant part of Axway’s overall growth. These reasons are what led Bill to Axway. He felt that you don’t get presented with this type of opportunity very often.

Bill’s background and experience

Before joining Axway, Bill was in charge of Global Alliances and Channel Sales for Cyara, a leading Customer Experience Assurance platform provider.

During this time, he designed and launched the Cyara Partner Program. This program annually delivers 40% of Cyara’s net new topline ACV bookings.

Bill began his career as a Technical Sales Representative with Intel where he rose through the ranks for over 15 years. There he directed global Channel Sales and Marketing across the Intel Communication Group, living and working in the United States and Europe. This experience brought him valuable knowledge and the opportunity to develop and explore many creative and revolutionary ideas. He is looking forward to bringing new ideas to Axway and move the Channels activities to the next level.

Education and life history

Bill had a well-rounded education. He attended the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Rutgers University.

Bill now lives in Portland, Oregon where he spends his free time cycling and volunteering with the National Ski Patrol which provides general assistance and emergency medical care to snow enthusiasts at several Mount Hood ski areas.

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Partners Bill works with

Currently, Bill is working with Value-added Resellers, Global Systems Integrators, Consultancies, and Software Fulfillment partners. Bill is always on the lookout in North America for recruiting new and exciting partners to join Axway’s partner program as well.

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Axway’s value proposition for partners

Axway’s partner program enables companies to play a dynamic role in creating powerful business value for your clients. Whether you’re a value-added reseller, systems integrator or technology provider, the goal is to be successful and to help you grow your business by creating high-impact results for your clients. Learn more about how Foursys and Axway provide flexible integrations.

Axway’s partner program builds profitable, sustainable relationships and puts your organization in control for excellent results. Discover Axway’s Partner’s page on LinkedIn.

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