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The Axway Thank You Day

For 10 weeks now, all of Axway has been working from home, along with many other businesses across the globe. Our teams have not only successfully transitioned to a remote work mode almost overnight, but they are managing to do their job well and on time while also handling their personal situation and challenges.

These range from living with restrictions, homeschooling kids, social distancing and isolation from extended family, friends, and relatives.

We have been relatively lucky in our professional situation at Axway as our global teams already had the capabilities to work remotely and all our tools are available in the Cloud.

Earlier last week, during one of our regular virtual meetings, we exchanged with my Executive team colleagues about how truly impressed we are by all Axway’s employees.

So, we thought, how do we express gratitude for our people’s constant commitment, agility and efficiency? Not only have they moved from office to work from home remotely at an instant, but they have been present and not sparing any efforts to keep Axway’s house running.

Axway Thank You Day

In recognition of everything our teams are doing, we wanted to thank them with a special gift by making this Friday (May 22, 2020) the Axway “Thank You Day.”

This is a day to disconnect, to take the time for themselves and/or for their family. A day with no work, no emails, no meetings. Just the time to be.

Obviously, some of our teams are ensuring 24/7 activities taking care of the critical business of our customers and partners. Our critical activities will continue and some of our employees may not be able to take their Axway Thank You Day on May 22, 2020, but they will have it soon enough under the same conditions as the rest of Axway, so they can also enjoy a long weekend in the coming weeks.

At Axway, we are always saying that we are better together, and this is even more true in the current situation. Our teams have grown even closer while respecting physical and social distancing and working remotely. I believe this is something that we will keep and continue to grow in the future.

Thank you, Axway’s Griffins.

Together we can, together we will.

Dominique Fougerat

EVP, People & Culture

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