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From Germany to the U.S., Astrid Fischer brings a positive mindset to the Axway family

Astrid Fischer

Each month, we aim to present an Axway employee who is an inspiring example of commitment, achievement, journey, engagement, work ethic or work investment. This month meet Astrid Fischer, Principal Services Architect at Axway.

There are two things to the job. One thing is something you cannot learn. This is seeing the customer and their needs first. With that attitude, you are already the most valuable to the customer.

“And secondly, you need a solid technical background and the willingness to learn new technologies to keep up with Axway’s fast-moving product cycles,” says Astrid. “This is the perfect recipe for the job.”

Astrid Fischer: Axway journey

Astrid started her Axway journey in 2011 in Germany as a Technical Consultant specialized in Managed File Transfer (MFT). She was able to get “hands-on” thanks to the size of her team. In fact, having a small team allowed Astrid to get involved in every part of a project. That experience paid off in 2014 when she was offered the opportunity to work in the U.S. in the MFT Professional Services team in Phoenix.

Astrid’s approach to the job

As a Services Architect, Astrid is dividing her time between the PSO  team and as the North America MFT Practice Lead in the Digital Success Specialist team. She helps customers define the right architecture for their business requirements and use cases. In doing so, Astrid considers the customer’s own application and infrastructure landscape, leveraging Axway’s best practices in order to achieve the greatest value and quickest win for the customer.

She prefers to meet her customers in person to have a better connection with them. This allows Astrid to see from their faces how her message is received. This makes it easier for customers to get immersed in the training and allows her to answer specific questions in person. By having this one-on-one time, Astrid is able to detect the further needs of her customers which can’t always be done over the phone.

Inspiration for her job and life

Astrid is inspired by challenges and feels rewarded when they can be overcome. This can be a technical challenge, as well as an interpersonal one with a customer or even a coworker.

Being able to see a problem from the beginning to the end is a unique characteristic of her job. She enjoys being part of this process and she is always searching out new things to conquer that are then rewarded with positive results.

As an Axway team member, Astrid is motivated by the positive spirit Axway has created and its commitment toward their employees and customers. This optimistic spirit can be felt every day in the office or even at events that take place outside. Astrid loves getting up every day and not knowing what the day will bring.

Team Axway

The best part of the job

Astrid doesn’t mind having challenging projects. When solutions work and customers are satisfied, that’s her reward. Doing a new implementation, working on complicated use cases and helping customers with automation is a satisfying part of her job.

Astrid believes that creating something new that has an impact to help customers is the foundation of her job. Making her customers’ lives easier is what it’s all about for Astrid.

 “Success is when you do your job and spot some improvements: extending the use cases, extending our products and educating when there’s a lack of knowledge on the customer side.  By working closely with the customer and gaining knowledge from them, our products help to solve their challenges.”

Furthermore, creativity is in the mix. Astrid says, “If you imagine you have all the possible tools in your toolbox, and now it is on you to find out which tools will help craft the best final project.” She says this is a fun part of the job.

Astrid’s career training and recommendations

A passionate runner.
Her entire childhood Astrid was involved in gymnastics and later played soccer. Now she’s dedicated to running. Before she turned 30, she ran a full marathon and even qualified for the Boston marathon.

She always keeps going, even after a setback. For Astrid, “The only way is going forward.” After an injury and a forced year of not running, Astrid just finished her first half marathon with her personal best time and is looking forward to the next one in April.

Astrid’s philosophy is to try to do one positive thing that she loves per day. Rewarding yourself for your hard work and taking care of yourself helps to keep you happy in the long run. And clearly, you are never too old for anything.

She also loves to cook and eat. As a dedicated vegetarian, she tries to be creative and likes to show meat-eaters how good vegetarian living can taste.

Photo by Astrid Fischer

Funny stories from the job

One time when Astrid was on the road for a long period of time, she lost track of where she was and where she parked her rental car. She spent her time running through the parking garage looking for her car, she thought the hotel towed it.

She was ready to give the hotel a piece of her mind. Yet, when she pulled out her car keys to check the license plate number on the chain, she discovered she had rented a Chevy and not a Honda. Voila! Astrid spotted the red Chevy right on the spot.

It’s a pleasure to have such a dedicated member of the Axway team. We salute Astrid Fischer for her extraordinary contributions to the MFT team and her great mindset. #bettertogether

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