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Griffin Spotlight: Andrea Talarico walks the extra mile to develop the market and create new business opportunities

Every month, in our Meet the Griffin Series, Axway presents an outstanding employee we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is a great example of commitment, achievement, journey, motivation, and work ethic.

Last month, you met Tina Hsu, a Senior Corporate Counsel in Sydney, Australia. Today, we fly to Italy, the land of great culture, history, and beauty to introduce you to Andrea Talarico, a Senior Sales Manager.

Andrea Talarico and his job

Andrea Talarico is in charge of Sales, Alliances, Channels, and develops and implements a strong go-to-market strategy for Axway in Italy.

Based in the eternal city of Rome, Andrea travels all over Italy to meet with clients. He has been with Axway for over 16 years and he is the only employee at Axway Italy, and one of the very few at Axway globally, who has gone through all the roles starting with PSO, an expert on Sentinel, a data flow monitoring solution, to move on to presales and then sales.

Andrea’s approach to the job

Andrea is very detail-oriented and for him, it’s key to support team members, so he organizes his time accordingly.

Having known Axway’s markets and solutions for many years, Andrea is always targeting to make the right choices regarding events, marketing campaigns, different actions, and anything that can lead to great sales results. He takes all the necessary steps to develop the market and create business opportunities.

My goal is as simple as it is challenging: to achieve results.

Over the past 16 years, Andrea has met, virtually or in person, hundreds of people, and colleagues globally thanks to his work or to the many events and several Axway Performance Clubs (four consecutive) he participated in.

Today, the pandemic situation is such so there are fewer opportunities for in-person meetings and interactions, so Andrea has found a new virtual way to develop his network and build business opportunities.


Andrea really likes his role, especially the opportunity to share with his colleagues and team members’ different experiences both from an Axway point of view and in the world of software sales.

 While at university, Andrea discovered the IT world on top of his economic studies, and he decided then to orient his career in this direction and it’s how he ended up working in the IT and software world.

The IT world fascinated Andrea and the evolution of the related market. There was passion, the same passion he puts in his job every day.

The best part of the job

For Andrea, having the opportunity to meet or to know new people every day, starting from the business on up to sharing personal experiences is the best part of the job. It is like seeing and meeting different lives in different places.

 Many years have passed since 2005 when Andrea joined Axway. His colleagues at Axway have accompanied him in the most important and significant period of his life. Many (most) of Andrea’s colleagues when he joined Axway are still there, and this is truly amazing.

It’s great to work with people you know well and have a great relationship with — Axway is like family.

Personal advice for your career

Andrea feels he cannot suggest the right educational study plan, but he says, “You must love your job because this is the fundamental starting point for any career.”

 “You have to follow your instincts.”

 At the end of the day, you can suffer from stress, pressure, and fatigue, but if you love your job, it means that you know how to use both your head — and especially your heart.

If you follow this advice, your career and satisfaction will surely follow. These are the things Andrea teaches his children as well.

 Philosophy for life! If the heart does not work, the head will never work.


Andrea loves sports. He has been competitive in tennis and football. He also enjoys running and skiing in the winter. The main activity for Andrea is yoga, which he practices every day.

He always enjoys spending time with his wife and six children. Everything Andrea has achieved in his work would not have been possible without the constant support of his wife, Valentina.

Thank you, Andrea, for your dedication and attention to detail.

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