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Anastasia Cope brings honor to being an Account Executive at Axway

Anastasia Cope brings honor to being an Account Executive at Axway

Anastasia Cope brings dedication and commitment to Axway. Based out of Tyson’s Corner in Virginia as a Federal Account Executive for Axway, Anastasia covers the Department of the Navy, United States Marines Corps, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Anastasia Cope: Her approach to the job!

Anastasia’s approach to her job is an exemplary one. At Axway, she “believes that we are doing more than selling a product, we are creating relationships.” Furthermore, she takes this philosophy to the next level as she likes to connect with her customers on “a personal level.” Her customer-centric approach is clearly an asset as her customers know she is here to help them and “to assist them at any time.

Anastasia’s help and assistance with her customers start with the product lines, from AMPLIFY™ to Validation Authority VA Suite, Anastasia makes it her mission to work with customers and propose the perfect solution for them.

She is especially proud of the work that she has done with the Department of the Navy. Anastasia primarily sells the Validation Authority VA Suite to them, and it is mission-critical. It is installed on every Navy ship, in triplicate. In theory, as Anastasia says, “you can’t launch an operation without Axway.”

As an Account Executive, developing a personal relationship with your client is certainly key, especially when your product is a primary component of a mission-critical situation.

The best part of the job!

The best part of the job for Anastasia is that she “helps secure the digital borders for her country.” Having served her country as a United States Marine, the topic of national security is extremely important for Anastasia. Her belief is that the work that she does at Axway, in support of the Federal Government, has a direct correlation to that.

Anastasia’s advice

With such an impressive background in the U.S. Military as a Marine, Anastasia has some advice to give for people starting on a similar career path. For starters, Anastasia states that “jumping into this career path isn’t for the faint of heart.

As, Tim Barnett, Axway’s Vice President of Sales – Federal and Supply Chain East, likes to say, “we play high stakes poker every day.” Her personal advice is to go forth and “network, network, network”! Further, it’s very important to become involved in your professional community.

Anastasia is also the President of the Coastal Carolina Chapter of AFCEA (the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association). She recommends reading as many books as possible about the industry, sales philosophy, and self-improvement. As Anastasia says, “the better you are personally, the better you will be professionally.” Words to live by!

Military experience brings a new background to Axway

When we posed the question to Anastasia about her time in the military and how it has impacted her position, she has memorable things to say.

“My time as a United States Marine directly impacts my every day. I build on the philosophies that I learned in boot camp and apply them to each and everything that I do.” Discipline and a thorough approach make for a great Account Executive. Time well spent in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Furthermore, Anastasia’s philosophy for life is “work hard, play hard” and “pain is weakness leaving the body.”


Life isn’t all hard work. In Anastasia’s downtime, she likes to spend her time near the tennis court or a lacrosse field cheering her children on in their sports endeavors.

Thanks to Anastasia’s Marine Corps background and a dedicated approach to her customers, she brings great insights into everything she does to make her position as an Account Executive a successful one.

Thank you, Anastasia, for your discipline and exceptional approach to the job.

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