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Hong Kong telco is accelerating service innovation with the Amplify API Management Platform

Hong Kong telco uses Amplify API Management Platform

The impact of an API platform in updating your IT infrastructure and generating better agility is demonstrated in Hong Kong telco’s success story.

When a leading Hong Kong telecommunications provider wanted to tackle an industry-wide decline in traditional revenues, it turned to Axway to embrace digital transformation, providing innovative services to its customers. With the Amplify API Management Platform, HGC is now evolving its offering and strengthening revenues.

Time for an evolving business model

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is one of the leading fixed-line operators in Hong Kong and beyond. With its comprehensive network infrastructure, HGC provides fixed-line connectivity, broadband services, ICT solutions, and data center hosting for domestic and global clients, including carriers and Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers, as well as corporate customers.

For many years, traditional telco revenues have been in decline — whether from the competition, market saturation, or the growth of data services. HGC saw an opportunity to strengthen its offering with innovative, next-generation services such as cell-site backhaul for mobile network operators and 5G services.

HGC wanted to make it faster and easier to connect with partners, and that meant being able to securely expose digital capabilities via APIs. HGC selected Amplify API Management Platform to help them shape a more modern and agile IT infrastructure.

The Amplify platform helps developers and partners build new offerings out-of-the-box by collaborating through a single unified catalog and leveraging built-in, low-code integration tools to rapidly create new offerings. Everything is in one place, eliminating duplication of APIs and digital capabilities and driving their reuse.

Exposing new digital capabilities with APIs

Amplify platform enables rapid onboarding for customers and partners alike and makes it easier and faster to bring new offerings to market. HGC can now build, manage, and secure all north- and south-bound APIs, and expose them to partners or allow direct host-to-host consumption by customers.

The first success in their digital transformation journey was using the Amplify platform to build a complete application-to-person (A2P) product in just three months.

HGC’s customers are now able to send A2P messages for notifications, alerts, authentication, booking confirmation, loyalty programs, and many other yet-to-be-explored possibilities.

HGC created a cloud-based API portal to build an ecosystem of services for international partners and customers, opening up new business opportunities. The portal helps businesses to connect and automate their operational process in a cost-effective, secure, user-friendly, and timely manner.

Using APIs as a standard integration method, HGC is boosting customer retention by offering a wide range of self-service customer-relationship management capabilities, such as:

  • Service diagnostics for broadband connections
  • Setting up telecoms engineer appointments
  • Managing invoices and payments
  • Creating and managing orders

With the Amplify platform, HGC can bring new products to market faster than ever before, enabling the company to bring its mission to life: leveraging advanced technologies to enhance connections among people and businesses locally and globally in the Digital Era.

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