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Groupe AGRICA frees IT to focus on innovation with Axway Managed File Transfer solution 

Groupe AGRICA and Axway

Groupe AGRICA, headquartered in Paris, France, is the axis point for the agricultural world and pensioners. They play a strategic role in delivering time-sensitive information in France’s social protection system for retirement, personal insurance, and healthcare coverage for workers that have over 200,000 member companies.

With over one million workers paying into social protection plans every year, safe data transmission is of the utmost importance. To exchange data safely and securely, Groupe AGRICA leveraged the all-encompassing Axway Managed File Transfer solution to deliver effective results.

Groupe AGRICA and Axway — exchanging data safely

To keep services running effortlessly, Groupe AGRICA exchanges data with over 30 business partners such as banks, insurers, and government organizations.

“To ensure the smooth running of mission-critical processes, it’s crucial to communicate effectively with our stakeholders — both inside the group and beyond. Managed File Transfer [MFT] is a vital capability for Groupe AGRICA as it helps us to support data-driven business processes efficiently and reliably at scale.” Jérémy Faure, Technical Architect at Group AGRICA 

Over the last decade, the Axway Managed File Transfer solution has been at the epicenter of this seamless data exchange. Groupe AGRICA also uses XFB Gateway and XFB Workstation — a first-class MFT gateway that helps safeguard, manage, and track file flows across users and applications.


Groupe AGRICA enhanced its file transfer capabilities by moving to Axway Central Governance and Axway SecureTransport which provided superior results and benefits for the company:

  • Axway Managed File Transfer allows Groupe AGRICA to build multifaceted file transfer flows rapidly.
  • It minimizes management requirements for 700 flows.
  • It reinforces governance capabilities, which improves business controls for sensitive data.
  • It provides a cost-effective solution for the company’s bottom-line

“One of the biggest advantages we see in SecureTransport is its multi-protocol support,” says Jérémy Faure. “We can deliver the legacy point-to-point connections favored by large financial institutions and government bodies, as well as SFTP and HTTP connections preferred by smaller partners.”

With the MFT solution, a seamless transition has taken place. At the heart of its operations, the Axway Managed File Transfer solution helps Groupe AGRICA to support even the most intricate integration capabilities.

As Didier Bailan, Technical Architect, Groupe AGRICA stated: “Thanks to standardized integration patterns included with the Axway solution, we can design practically any kind of MFT flow quickly and with far less manual effort than before.”

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