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Olaneo Consulting brings global retail and logistics EDI flows to 24/7 availability on worldwide scope with Axway B2B Integration in the cloud

Olaneo Consulting and Amplify B2B Integration

As a company specializing in electronic data interchange (EDI), Olaneo Consulting is helping its clients make the move to B2B Integration in the cloud with Axway, freeing global retail and logistics businesses to refocus on their core competencies.

As Axway Premier Business Partner, Olaneo Consulting is a major contributor as an advisor and influencer on many key B2B and EDI projects, including assistance to Axway in successfully driving cloud platform migrations.

Growing demands for 24/7 availability

Olaneo Consulting’s ambition is to become the major service provider in the field of B2B transfers. The services company provides consulting and computer engineering services in technical assistance or on a fixed-price basis.

Many logistics companies are finding that their EDI requirements are changing, as message volumes increase, demand for real-time data grows, and 24/7 operations become essential due to globalization.

Olivier Leclercq, CEO at Olaneo Consulting, explains: “One of our large clients — a leader in warehousing, transportation, and distribution in France — was growing rapidly into new international markets. With its business spanning multiple time zones, managing, and monitoring its on-premises EDI services around the clock was costly.”

Another Olaneo client — a Wines and Spirits division within a global Luxury goods corporation — knew that its existing on-premises B2B integration platform would be unable to scale reliably and cost efficiently as its EDI volumes and a number of trading partners grew.

Moving to the cloud

In the retail and logistics industries, real-time information and speed are becoming mission-critical. Behind the scenes, logistics providers must orchestrate large and complex networks of systems, processes, and people to ensure that each order reaches the right place at exactly the right time.

That’s where electronic data integration (EDI) comes in, coordinating these networks efficiently at speed and scale. Now more than ever, organizations need their EDI systems to be able to exchange data 24/7 — from receiving orders and sending acknowledgments to clients to sharing information between the warehouse and transportation management systems inside the business.

In the case of these two clients, Olaneo Consulting worked on moving their trading partner integration systems from on-premises platforms to Axway’s B2B Integration platform in the cloud.

Already, they are boosting the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of their EDI systems and refocusing on growth.

Axway B2B Integration delivers high availability for clients’ B2B data flows, reduces operational costs for EDI, and enables fast, elastic scalability.

“When you combine the flexibility of the platform with Axway’s outstanding reputation for high-quality support and future-looking solutions development, B2Bi really is the right choice for our clients,” says Olivier Leclercq.

Room to grow

Flexibility is a key advantage of B2B Integration: Olivier Leclercq explains that some EDI platforms require users to work within the constraints of rigid templates, but Axway’s solution makes it easy to tailor integrations to each trading partner’s workflow needs.

Many retail and logistics businesses are discovering that on-premises EDI can be a major roadblock to business growth. Opening clients’ eyes to the possibilities of the cloud frees them to refocus on their core competencies, allowing room to grow and develop innovative, customer-centric services.

The aforementioned wine and spirits company is doing just that: they are now using B2B Integration to process more than six million messages per year, including invoices that total over 50 percent of the company’s annual revenue. The company has the peace of mind of seamless scalability and 24/7 uptime and its EDI volumes are growing at around 10 percent per year.

“By helping our clients move their EDI services to B2B Integration in the cloud,” concludes Olivier Leclercq, “we’re empowering them to drive their growth and accelerate digital transformation.”

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