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B3 streamlines deliveries with Axway Amplify Platform

B3 streamlines deliveries

With the traffic of files over 80 GB, B3 uses the Axway platform to streamline securely its processes.

B3—Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão is the stock exchange of São Paulo in Brazil, and leverages Axway Secure Transport (MFT) solutions and Axway API Gateway as part of its digital transformation strategy to streamline and enhance its internal processes. READ MORE: Learn more about API Gateway’s capabilities and features.

The partnership between the two companies began over two decades ago. It was unlikely to imagine data transfer digitally. Despite this, B3 felt the need to modernize its process of sending information to its customers at the end of trading. READ MORE: Axway Amplify, what it means for you.

Since the beginning

Since the beginning, the organization has been by the customer side and also partners and distributors, meeting their needs and providing a safe environment for market negotiations and oversight, backed by robust regulation and governance, guided by ethics and operational excellence.

In this context, one way to help brokers more effectively was by automating the delivery of trading reports. At the end of a trading day, the brokers needed to know the volume of what they had traded.

B3 streamlines deliveries

B3 streamlines deliveries by consolidating this data and generating printed reports, which were withdrawn by brokerages in the stock exchange building. Over time, the paper was abandoned and delivery to floppy disks.

With this scenario, the challenge was to speed up the delivery process so that customers from outside the city of São Paulo could have faster access to their business data at the end of the exchange. Over time, the size and the number of files available increased significantly. With these issues in mind, Axway has provided solutions to support the migration of paper bulletins to electronic updates.

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