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International Women’s Day: Meet the women of Axway

International Women’s Day: Meet the women of Axway

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the accomplishments of such talented women that work at Axway. Today, I want to share inspiring stories of some of the exceptional women that I work with on a daily basis at Axway offices around the world.

International Women’s Day

As a woman in tech, it’s common to try to make space within this male-dominated industry. It’s important to have a voice and for that voice to be heard. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a seat at the table.

What I appreciate about my role at Axway is that I have a seat at the table. Being part of the Office of the CTIO, and having responsibility to build and develop an area that is new to the company (strategic technology alliances), I have a voice. A supportive environment and management team allows me to turn up the volume–and to be heard. The greater benefit of a diversified workforce is to our customers. Different perspectives allow Axway to best serve a broader audience. And in today’s global economy, we must be able to serve everyone. Diversity matters.

On International Women’s Day, I encourage my female colleagues to have a folding chair ready and to clear their throats. Our presence is a force and our voices matter. Please make room. Hear us roar.

Nadina Talukdar, Global Lead, Strategic Technology Alliances (Boston, USA)

When I joined Axway I had three major challenges waiting for me. The first challenge was to build the brand in the Latin American region as we would open the subsidiary in Brazil four months later. It was my second time at a multinational company starting everything almost from scratch, but the IT business was new to me.

In IT, we don’t usually see a balance between the number of men and women, so this was my second biggest challenge–to work with and build a message for a men’s world. And another big challenge worth mentioning is how to multitask so many different activities related to Marketing to help grow a successful business in the region, while adding two pregnancies to this time.

It’s been six years and I can only thank everyone that crossed my path and taught me something. I’ve learned from all my colleagues from Brazil and all over the world (I love interacting with different cultures), and the interns that I was able to help get to the next level professionally and made me a better manager.

Rebeca Polito, Marketing Director, Americas (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I joined in North America last Fall because of experienced leaders like Laura Heritage, Vince Padua, Meetesh Patel, David McKenna and Ann Lloyd, among many others who I see as career mentors who I work closely with to better serve our customers. All around the world, Axwegians welcomed me and helped me during my onboarding. Axway is a great place to work because everyone I’ve encountered is professional and across the company we are encouraged to collaborate.

Our strengths include diversity, plentiful opportunities to contribute and lead by example, and grow. Everyone cares deeply about serving each other and helping each other succeed. We have a unique balance of a strong history in software and technology with an all-around attitude of challenging ourselves to deliver our best and pushing innovative boundaries together.

Emmelyn Wang, API Strategist (Dallas/Fort Worth, USA)

As an American living in Paris, Axway has been a step forward in the direction I wanted to take my career from my days in New York City. Everyone here in Paris has been so wonderful and welcoming. I cannot say how inspiring this is for me as a writer to work with such talented colleagues in the Digital Marketing department. Every day here at Axway, I work in a collaborative environment which affords me excellent writing opportunities to share stories about products, people and all-around great things happening at Axway.

It’s a pleasure to work with such kind people here in Paris and celebrate National Women’s Day with such talented and accomplished women.

Camille Siegel, Sr. Marketing Content Specialist (Paris, France)

As the Global Digital Advertising Specialist for Axway, my role oversees the creation, execution and measurement of international advertising strategy efforts. As a self-proclaimed #datadiva, I love that Axway challenges me to be both creative and analytical on a daily basis. I’m also a 28-year-old mother, wife, first-gen college grad and hip-hop connoisseur.

The women’s leadership gap that (unfortunately) continues today may suggest it’s unlikely I would have my current position based on my profile. However, that’s not the case at Axway for myself or a number of amazing, brilliant women I work with. I’m extremely grateful to work in an environment that empowers and encourages me to feed my passions and grow as a leader.

Sarah Sehgal, Global Digital Advertising (Phoenix, USA)

I can truly say that Axway has changed my life. When my previous company in Germany was acquired by Axway, I was offered to join the EMEA Marketing team. After some years of frequent travelling between Berlin and Paris, I decided to move to Paris for good. That decision was highly influenced by the fact that eventually I met my French husband and today we represent the typical couple of French-German friendship. Cute story!

HR and my managers at Axway have always been helpful to make life of an expatriate easy. My career within the Marketing department was and still is exciting and varied. Currently, I am looking forward to moving to a new role where I can pursue my passion for communication and writing. Located in one of the towers in the business district of Paris La Défense–the “French Manhattan”–the Axway employees share not only a fantastic view on the Eiffel Tower but highly emphasized values of equality no matter of gender, age, nationality or race. I always wanted to be part of an international and modern work environment–and that’s where I am.

Heike FÜRST, Social Media Manager (Paris, France)

I believe women empowerment lies in honoring yourself and treating yourself with respect. I joined Axway as a Product Marketing Director for Mobile App Development 2 years ago and the journey so far has been fabulous.

The culture of a workplace – an organization’s values, norms and practices – has a huge impact on our happiness and success. Thanks to Axway for creating such a collaborative and positive work environment. With support from peers and the managers like Stephane Castellani, Josh Hardy and many more, I always felt my voice was being heard and my work appreciated.

Today I feel extremely proud and happy to be a part of the Hybrid Integration Platform launch team contributing to the Go-to-market strategy for our iPaaS solution and none of this could have been possible without the support and encouragement from Axway teams at all levels. Blessed with 2 beautiful kids and a very supportive set of family and friends, my message to all the women out there “Do not let your fears prevent from doing what you know is right.”

Shravanthi Reddy, Product and Solutions Marketing Director (Boston, USA)

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