API News Roundup – March 2019

API News Roundup – March 2019

There has been a lot of API news in just the first week of March! Here is the API news roundup of the latest articles and videos featuring APIs and microservices.

API News Roundup

HSBC Launches API Hub – A Week Before PSD2 Deadline

HSBC has launched a portal for developers to test Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – just one week ahead of a PSD2 deadline to do so.

The portal is a sandbox in which developers can test Account Information, Payment Initiation and Funds Confirmation, HSBC said today, using mock data from retail and corporate payment accounts in scope of PSD2.

“The portal [is] designed to allow third party payment providers to develop products and services for European consumers and businesses as required by the Second European Payment Services Directive” HSBC said.

Read the full article on Computer Business Review.

Inova Payroll Targets Hospitality With API Integration

Payroll solutions provider Inova Payroll has debuted an application programming interface (API) integration with M3, an accounting and human capital management (HCM) platform developed for the hospitality industry.

In a press release this week, Inova said its API integration connects its payroll platform into M3’s HCM solution to facilitate data sharing with the time, attendance and labor management tool, addressing the friction hospitality industry companies can face when onboarding and offboarding employees, changing job titles or adjusting pay rates. The companies also noted that the API integration will support enhanced data security for joint customers.

“The API-driven integration platform that M3 supports will allow us to increase security, and decrease the number of steps in processes, while delivering higher data quality and integrity,” said M3 Product Manager  of Integrations Tim Pinson in a statement.

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Google Ads API now out of beta, v0 will sunset April 30

The production-ready v1 of the Google Ads API is now available and ready for use.  The beta version of the Google Ads API will no longer be accessible as of April 30, 2019.

Beta version API requests will fail after April cut-over date. API users should update their client libraries to use the v1 endpoint ahead of April 30.

The team says it is working on establishing the final aspects of parity between the old AdWords API and the Google Ads API that has replaced it. New features are also getting added to the new API.

Read the full article on Search Engine Land.

How to connect systems and utilize apps with API Management and microservices

With APIs and microservices working in partnership together, you are able to accelerate digital transformation for your company. How? This enables your systems to release trapped data that is holed up in legacy systems. Once you release data from the old system, you help enable a better bottom line for your organization. Consequently, with APIs and microservices, you can help prevent cyber attacks. This ensures that security and compliance are adhered to for your organization.

It’s no surprise that APIs and microservices are the essential tools to enable your company’s success. According to a recent global survey, 98% stated that “without APIs” your data is stuck in the past.

Read the full article here or watch the video below.

Don’t get disrupted! APIs and microservices are changing the way people think

Our resident API and microservices expert, Dan Tortorici, continues his video series on APIs and microservices. In his seventh video, Dan explores how industry disruption is taking place today, along with how APIs and microservices make this process happen.

Read the article here or watch the video below.

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