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Axway gets creative with a TGIF shirt contest

Axway gets creative

What could be more amusing than watching Axway get creative by showing up in funny shirts? What started out as a silly summer joke, quickly became a weekly famous and hysterical rendezvous for Axwegians.

The rules are simple

1) Post a picture wearing a silly shirt to work on our internal social network.

2) Make sure that your photo collects as many “likes” as possible to achieve the final goal. Anyone could see that this idea was a great vehicle for carrying the company’s culture and team spirit one step forward!

Axway get creative

Further, this amazing creative spirit is also a great space for Axwegians to exhibit their personality, as well as promote something completely different within the company.

Axway gets creative

Since fun was the name of the game, this exercise went completely beyond my expectations. That’s the beauty of having a community that is willing and able to be part of a great collaboration experience, as well as creativity within the context of team spirit.

Thanks to great showmanship and character, we are now seeing more teams participating altogether in this challenge, as well as the ability to encourage others to be a part of something fun and unusual.

The amazing part of the contest was that we witnessed our colleagues who are normally very shy and not comfortable in posting a picture go forward and take part by wearing a funny shirt to work. What team spirit!

Axway get creative

The best part is that more and more people are participating in the contest with comments and “liking” the pictures. We are seeing multi-cultural and multi-regional positive team spirit.

It was a very refreshing and positive experience all around for Axwegians.

Axway get creative
Axway get creative

A special thank you to those who participated in the contest:

Bassem Ktita, Presales Manager EMEA

Steve Shorthouse, Services Director, UK, Ireland and Nordics

As well as the Latam Girls:

Gleice Dos santos costa, BU Coordinator

Ana Maria ruxandra Dima, Software Consultant

Denise Medeiros da silva, BU Coordinator

Leila Machado, Services

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