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Noël Rocher

Director, EMEA Digital Success Specialists at Axway

Critical sectors can find a balance between API security and opening up to their...

Companies in critical sectors, where security is especially important, can – and should – open up to their partners via APIs without being threatened....
ecosystems and platforms

The automotive industry and a Telco analogy

As an expert on ecosystems and platforms, I am nevertheless taking the risk to share some thoughts I have had to go through lately....
Axway Open Up program

Innovate for people you care about! The Axway Open Up program

I recently had a very interesting discussion with a friend about challenges companies have as they transform and the difficulties they must act at...
digital lesson

Digital lesson from different cultural approaches

The race for the South Pole At the beginning of the 20th Century, all around the world, strong adventurers were traveling to reach unknown countries...
Axway gets creative

Axway gets creative with a TGIF shirt contest

What could be more amusing than watching Axway get creative by showing up in funny shirts? What started out as a silly summer joke, quickly...

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