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Axway Family Day in Paris

Axway Family Day

Our first Little Griffins IMAGINE Summit, also known as “Axway Family Day,” took place in our Paris, La Defense office in France. During this event, our colleagues brought their adorable children to the office to show what their parents do every day for a living and explain Axway’s activity. We worked with the event agency, Sphere Evenement, to make this day happen!

Axway Family Day—a unique afternoon!

With over 80 kids in attendance, 200 balloons and countless smiles to boot from 12 pm to 2 pm, the event was a huge success. Our little Griffins were welcomed with a personal name-tag medal and a dedicated route based on the different age groups:

– Mini Griffins – 5 years or less

– Little Griffins – 6 to 8 years

– Griffins Junior – older than 9 years

 This was the start and then the fun begins…

In order to be ready for an afternoon full of adventures and discovery, parents and children were presented with an enticing lunch buffet. This enabled everyone to have the “much-needed strength” to brave the all-encompassing activities that were awaiting the attendees.

To begin with, an inspiring presentation about Axway and how our solutions contribute to our day-to-day to life was given by Yves Lajouanie and Mourad Jaakou. Our Griffin Juniors were super enthusiastic to learn that in fact, they interact all day long with Axway: at breakfast, in different transportations, at school, at the banks, over the phone, when they help washing dishes or sort the wastes. At the end of the day, they were all super proud (more than usual) to learn that their parents work helped to achieve this outcome.

Up next, the Mini & Little Griffins started their voyage by taking the elevators (this was the first challenge). In relation to Axway and our professional environment, all the activities were set in place to fit the theme of INNOVATION. Learn all about speeding innovation and improving security.

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Additionally, all of the children were able to discover many wide-ranging topics such as the Griffin Lab, Axway’s Innovation Lab with Thierry Marchandise and  Christophe Cavelier, coding basics (depending on their age), virtual reality, 3D pens drone race. But we all know that children love fun, balloons and cartoons characters so there was also a magician, a make-up artist, a balloon sculptor, a ball pool and personalized t-shirts printed live (with the children’s name), a selfie photo booth and an Axway mural fresco painted by the kids—what a wonderful display!

And if that wasn’t enough fun for all involved, everyone was invited to spend more time together and celebrate the day around a delicious snack.

End of the day

At the end of the day, this event was an illustration of Axway’s spirit and values. We are all very proud that this type of event took place in our office. Our slogan #BetterTogether is all too well fitting and this event is further proof.

Believe it or not, many of the Griffins would have preferred to come to Axway rather than going to school the day after! Well, this is not at all surprising!

This is why we are #BetterTogether at Axway.

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