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Event-enable your enterprise with Amplify API Management

From trading floors to customer service centers, enterprises that operate in real-time and leverage Event-Driven Architecture reap significant benefits. For example,

  • A millisecond difference in a deal could mean USD100 million to a large trader (1).
  • 64% of customers expect real-time interaction with businesses (2).

To react and operate in real-time, enterprises need to embrace Event-Driven Architecture but ripping and replacing legacy architectures to accomplish that is too costly.

Axway Streams 2.0 adds a feature-rich, Kafka-based event hub in front of your existing infrastructure and applications, allowing enterprises to become event-driven without rip and replace.

Axway Streams v2 is a unique offering that allows enterprises to leverage Event-Driven Architecture cost-effectively and with minimal effort.

Axway Streams v2 offers these key capabilities:

  • Streams adds a feature-rich event hub that leverages industry-standard Apache Kafka in front of your existing infrastructure and applications, event-enabling your enterprise while avoiding the challenges of rip and replace or changing the code of existing applications.
  • Streams gives you unparalleled flexibility to choose the event architecture that best fits your needs. You can choose from and mix and match a wide range of publishers (HTTP Polling, HTTP Post, Kafka, Salesforce CometD) and subscribers (Webhooks, Kafka, Server-sent events) based on your goals and needs.
  • You can send events from any publisher to multiple subscribers simultaneously, even when using different subscription options (e.g., Webhooks and Kafka).
  • Part of Amplify API Management, Streams leverages traditional API Management capabilities, like security or Unified Catalog.
  • Streams is a Cloud-native capability with a microservices-based architecture that leverages an API-first approach.

I am happy to share that next-gen Streams is now in Restricted Availability and available to purchase and/or to try as part of the Early Adopter Program.

Next Steps:

  1. Slides and recording Axway API Management: Event-Driven APIs 
  2. Checkout Streams Roadmap
  3. Reach out to your Axway Sales or CSM contact to try and buy Streams

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(2) Response Time in Man-Computer Transactions, Robert B. Miller;  https://www.salesforce.com/research/customer-expectations/