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Drinking our own eggnog: Axway holiday party features mobile app

David Morgan's photography of male Costas hummingbird, drinking out of an Ocotillo flower that was taken in Phoenix

‘Tis the season at Axway, and this year we partied hearty in our many offices around the world. At our global headquarters in Phoenix, the theme was Casino Royale, so we transformed the office into a fun casino. Desks and office chairs were moved to make room for roulette and craps tables, and couches were moved to make room for blackjack stations. And as an API-first company, we decided to create a holiday mobile app to accompany the festivities.

holiday mobile appThe premise was simple: create an app that party-goers can use to scan themselves at every station (card tables, food stations, etc.) where they would earn points, and then we would tally up the total at the end for some beaucoup bragging rights.

It was also an opportunity to win some real money… we raffled off a gift card at certain intervals during the party and Axway employees would get an alert with the winning numbers via the app.

The holiday party app contained a map of the various games, food and bar stations through the two floors of our Phoenix office. And it also doubled as an impromptu social network where we could take, shared and save photos to look back on at a later time, when we want to remember those fun time we had.

The best part of it all, the app was created within just a few weeks by Axway’s Developer Evangelist, Brenton House. On our Devblog, Brenton shares in detail how he used the Axway AMPLIFY platform to build the holiday mobile app and connect it to the various APIs that made all of this possible. Brenton explains how he used AMPLIFY API Builder v4, AMPLIFY Central, AMPLIFY BaaS, AMPLIFY Runtime Services and AMPLIFY Titanium.

Those of us who had the opportunity to use the app first hand got to experience the magic of AMPLIFY while enjoying each other’s company.

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