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#ICYMI: Top 10 Developer Blog posts of 2019

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This year was a big one for both Axway and our developer community. As we say goodbye to a decade of development innovation that brought mobile to the forefront of our digital experience, we say hello to a brand new look and feel for our online developer community. The new and improved Developer Blog marks the beginning of a new chapter for application development, and serves as your one-stop resource for Axway product updates, tutorials, tech tips, developer insights, industry news, community spotlights and much more as we head into the uncharted waters of a new decade.

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time not only for some well-earned rest, but reflection, too. Kickstart your inspiration for next year, and for the next era of development, with our most popular content from the year now past. Happy Holidays!

  1. AMPLIFY Central Solves “The Need for Speed” With Enterprise APIs and Services

Users today anticipate a steady drumbeat of fresh features, on-demand services and frequent updates all the time. Axway’s Laura Heritage explains how AMPLIFY Central serves as your “API traffic control tower” to enable teams to deliver exceptional services at scale worldwide.

  1. Introducing “Talk With a Titan”

This year, we introduced our brand new Q&A series devoted to highlighting the work and expertise of some of the most prolific members of our Axway community. Read on to learn more and get development tips from Titans Adam Armstrong, Adam Paxton and Simon Buckingham.

  1. Freedom of Choice: Alternative Editors for Building Titanium Apps

Giving you the freedom to develop mobile apps your way is core to our mission. That’s why you can build Titanium apps with any IDE. If you’re looking to branch out, here are some alternative IDE options with Titanium extensions to make your life even easier.

  1. If You are NOT Planning for hybrid integration, You are Already Late

We took a survey this year of 550 senior IT executives and found that three-quarters of IT teams are already on the road to bringing the advantages of hybrid integration to their business. Axway’s William McKinney recaps all the findings so you don’t get left behind next year.

  1. Code to Inspire: Inspiring the Next Generation of Mobile Developers in Afghanistan

Code to Inspire is Afghanistan’s first and only coding school for women. Hear from founder Fereshteh Forough on how the school uses Titanium to teach programming skills to a new generation of mobile developers.

  1. Putting it All Together with AMPLIFY: Mobile App + APIs

We don’t just make tools for other developers to use. Check out the true story of how Axway engineers used our own products to create an incredible mobile app for our teams at Axway!

  1. Introducing the Axway YouTube Channel and Our “Breaking the Build!” Developer Show 

We’re proud of the hard work of our developer relations and video production teams in creating our very own YouTube channel. Chock full of popular and useful tutorials and demos, and light-hearted series like our “Breaking the Build!” developer show hosted by Brenton House, you can expect to find solutions and fun at our channel. Subscribe today!

  1. The importance of API Design

The world of building APIs isn’t so different from architecting a smart, functional building. Axway’s Julio Cesar De Campos Fernandes wrote earlier this year on how creating sound APIs starts with the design process.

  1. How to Write Titanium iOS Native Modules with Swift

With the introduction of Swift modules in Titanium’s SDK 8.0.0 release this year, we thought you could use a primer to begin writing native modules for iOS in Swift. Axway’s Jan Vennemann shows you how.

  1. API Management Hackathon – Superheroes in Action

It resembled a Marvel meets DC Comics dream crossover when our customer champions joined forces with Axway’s API avengers for a hackathon. Check out what their combined powers created this summer, and maybe a few takeaways you can use to save the day next year.

Honorable Mention. Why Mobile Developers Need a Hybrid Integration Platform

IT and development teams today need a platform to ensure that legacy systems, apps, APIs, and other technologies can all work together. We sat down with Axway’s Shawn Ryan earlier year to hear how a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) does just that.

And before I go, I wanted to share this sweet video that recaps some of the great things we did at Axway in 2019.

Until next year, Code Strong! See you around in 2020!