Digital Transformation

Will your business be left behind by the digital shift?

digital shift

UPDATED 11/8/18

Nowadays, the landscape of business is certainly moving quickly. This is indeed a major shift in the tectonic plates of business that will forever change our business landscape. This will forever separate leaders from laggards. “Digital” seems a bit of a buzzword these days and may be hard to concretely put your finger on. Regardless, you know and feel you have to master this topic for your business to compete or survive. This is simply a fact.

As a start to the conversation, here are a few points to state on this topic for both business and technology that you need to be aware:

Digital shift for business

  1. Disruptors are surfacing fast and from unexpected places, stay alert.
  2. Even the most established business must be fast, creative and agile. This is a fact.

While agile is a term most often connected to startups, this philosophy must infiltrate the DNA of any company wishing to survive. We’ve all heard the phrase, “adapt or die.” It certainly is true in this case.

For technology

  1. Mobile devices today are predominantly where humans are touched and thus the point of intersection for new digital business moments (and this too is evolving so don’t think you can stop at mastering mobile).
  2. APIs have become the very fabric of innovation, a source for data, a new channel in themselves. The palette developers must have to create new digital experiences in order to thrive. Interesting that A-P-I is no longer an acronym reserved for developers but it has now found itself at home in a business conversation.

Moving at pace and the right technology must be brought together for a transformation to master the ongoing movement to digital business. Ready to lead? Find out how to be a leader.

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