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Vice President Vision and Strategy, Office of the CTIO
Apple's App Tracking Transparency trust

What we’re learning from Apple’s App Tracking Transparency move: Trust is your competitive advantage

As of Apple’s April 26th launch of iOS 14.5, apps must start using the company’s new App Tracking Transparency framework. As Brenton House recently explained,...
Reopening Axway’s global offices with the Griffin App

Reopening Axway’s global offices with the Griffin App

What do you do when you have 29 offices in 17 countries and all locations are facing unique challenges, differing mandates (federal and local...
Hip to be iPaaS AND iPaaS to be a HIP

Hip to be iPaaS AND iPaaS to be a HIP

There are two really big possibly ambiguous terms that are essential to us--essential to our strategy--and that tie to markets we serve. These terms...
hybrid integration inconsistencies

Hybrid integration—don’t miss the point!

A Forbes article recently talked about hybrid integration only focusing on the delivery methods and patterns of integration. Yet, for all the pieces of the...
Ecosystems and hybrid integration

Ecosystems and hybrid integration

The theme of #BetterTogether holds strong with Axway this year. This was the theme behind this year’s internal kickoffs as well as our big...
extending API Management

Extending API Management with iPaaS–API integration the next logical step!

Ten years ago, we took on a strategy to build REST APIs for our products–to build our UI on those APIs and at the...
HIP enables Experiences

Customer Experience and HIP. Serving the heart of digital business.

Just this past week, I heard an outside industry expert say, related to his interaction with clients, “Wherever and whenever you hear the word...
HIP cure

A HIP cure for the Digital Transformation blues

Digital Transformation is no longer a side project or something for a small swat team. It is time–it is even past the time–to “burn...
HIP - You cannot be in business without one

HIP: You cannot be in business without one

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona is Europe’s most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives. At this year’s Symposium, six thousand IT leaders gathered...
What is hybrid integration?

Hybrid integration: What you need to know!

A hybrid integration platform strategy is the only viable integration strategy in the digital era to support the fast pace of innovation. The integration...

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