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What is the Griffin Lab?

Griffin Lab

The Griffin Lab is the name of Axway’s innovation lab, where the coolest features of the Axway platform are used in combination with other disrupting technologies to deliver brand-new customer experiences. 

The Griffin Lab counts on a top-notch team that co-creates innovative customer solutions leveraging Axway technologies. To show off those innovationsthe lab contains a wealth of demos created to illustrate the value of Axway Technology in a real-world setting.The demos show innovative ways to illustrate the “art of the possible.”

What can you do at the Griffin Lab?  

  • Discover 
  • Explore 
  • Ideate 
  • Co-create 
  • Demonstrate 
  • Scale

Griffin Lab team

The team currently consists of six experts who are located in France and the USA, from different technical backgrounds and personalities who all are motivated by the culture of innovation 

Each member can work at the same time on different projects locally or globally. It’s not rare that two or three of them team up on a project when several combined skills are needed: IoT, cloud integration, mobile apps, and video for instance. 

They are sharing their progress all the time, so these innovations can be shown to customers worldwide. 

There is a Griffin Lab room in each of our offices in France and the USA where the team works on their projects and receives visitors.  

You can learn more by taking a tour of the Phoenix Griffin Lab or the Paris Griffin Lab. The lab can also be visited remotely in case you are not in the Paris region or in Phoenix.  

The team regularly brings a part of the lab to Axway’s customers and partners or events, as well as anywhere in the world. 

What does the Griffin Lab do?

The Griffin Lab works to co-innovate with colleagues, partners, and customers to create innovative solutions to real-world problems using Axway (and non-Axway) technologies. 

Further, the Lab helps customers who are trying to innovate with Axway Technologies to take their companies further in their digital transformation experience. The real-world demonstrations of Axway technology that the Lab produces can be given to the customers, who can leverage them internally to promote their innovative ideas.

The Lab also hosts and organizes ideation workshops and Hackathons to help organizations find ideas to start their innovation projects. 

Benefits for the customers?

The Griffin Lab provides customers many benefits. For starters, they can see how to get more value out of what they already have, while seeing the art of the possible.

Alsoit’s an opportunity to think outside of the box and potentially find a novel solution to a problem they may have or a problem they may not even be aware of.  

How is the Griffin Lab involved in Hackathons, conferences, and on-site meetings?

The Griffin Lab is a multifunctional lab. They organize and facilitate Hackathons, as well as attend Hackathons. They are also present at internal and external events, including Gartner and Healthcare events.  

At these events, they bring their Lab ”on the road” and can show live demos, as well as pre-recorded demos and animations that show the value of Axway solutions. 

 A day in the life of the lab

The Lab is an all-encompassing entity. The Lab can usually be found doing one or more of the following: 

  • Working with a teammate, colleague, partner, or customer on new innovation or demo. 
  • Investigating new technologies that can help our customers and partners derive more value from Axway. 
  • Blogging about all the cool stuff they are working on. 
  • Planning to receive visitors and demonstrating innovations.

Why go to the Lab?

If you want to build something extraordinary or if you want to learn a new way to use Axway’s technologies, you are welcome to come to the Griffin Lab or feel free to contact the team. 

Furthermore, you can contact them if you have an idea and need to build a demo/prototype to help socialize and get your team excited about it or you’re just stuck and need help ideating.

The Griffin Lab also provides new ideas if you are unsure of how Axway technologies can work together in novel ways to solve real-world problems. Or, just because you want to discuss or brainstorm with the Lab. Either way, the Griffin Lab has you covered. 

Getting involved…

The Griffin Lab provides a myriad of ways to take your company forward. Head to the Axway Griffin Lab pageand submit the Contact our Team form at the bottom of the page. 

Learn more about the Griffin Lab and enter the innovation cycle today.