Digital Transformation

The number-one bottleneck in digital project delivery

As businesses are transitioning their digital transformation projects to align with current challenges, they are encountering delays. The question asked repeatedly is, “Why can’t we move faster?” This is true whether the project centers on keeping up with increased market demand (for small business loans), or for temporarily shutting down supply chains (automotive manufacturing).

Digital project delivery

Responses from a survey that Axway conducted with partner Vanson Bourne provides some insight into this pervasive problem. When we asked 850 senior IT and business leaders “What are the leading causes of delays in digital project delivery for your organization?” The top three were integration complexity, inflexible legacy architecture and lack of technical skills. (See chart 1)

Why is integration so hard? It is complex, there is a bunch of old baggage that must be brought along, and the expertise to bring it all together is hard to get (according to what your peers have said). So how do you overcome these obstacles and get your digital project back on track?

Axway’s recipe for digital success

Axway’s recipe for digital project success is not just to buy another integration solution. It starts with looking at your assets, your team and your strategic goals. Not just your current project. We have created a special team, called the Catalysts, who can assist with these strategy sessions that can provide a framework and go-forward approach.

Then you can start evaluating integration platforms to leverage what you have, simplify integration (so it does not take an IT guru to accomplish) and get your digital projects back on track.

Want to learn how we helped a multinational health care services company cut onboarding time frames from five days to hours and enabled them to cut expenses by millions of dollars through digitizing a manual process with our integration platform?

The first step is to engage with our Catalyst team to learn more. We have a free webinar series “Around the corner—a business and IT perspective.”

Learn about Around the corner: A business and IT virtual series powered by the Axway Catalysts.