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Digital transformation is everywhere. So two expert Digital Catalysts, Brian Otten (BOTTEN), and Kay Lummitsch (KLUMM) came up with a brilliant idea to invite guests from the digital community to talk all-things digital. Welcome the BOTTEN & KLUMM Show!


Kay and Brian, who first met in San Francisco at APIdays, now bring their expertise to this innovative show to talk about Digital Transformation in today’s ever-changing world.

In episode one of the BOTTEN & KLUMM show, they speak with Nizar Chaouch, Head of APIs at Airbus about how to run an effective digital program in uncertain times.

Numerous topics are explored from what is the new normal to what are the key takeaways after being on lockdown for two months. Keeping the momentum going is what digital transformation is all about.

To adapt to the global pandemic, companies are improving and rethinking their home-office strategy. They are asking hard questions such as “Do we need a big office and how to we move forward?”

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Digital strategy equation

We all know that digital transformation is not an option anymore, it’s a requirement! It’s not only on a corporate level, as Kay Lummitsch states, “We have to become digital individuals.”

The Catalysts are innovators in coaching companies on how to make their digital strategy happen. Recently, a media expert told Kay that “you have become a camera.” It may sound odd, but once we understand this concept we behave differently to gear up on several levels. We need a good user experience for the audience to go forward with digital.

“This is the era of the Catalysts! COVID-19 has shown the world that we have to adapt or falter by the wayside!”

– Kay Lummitsch

Takeaways from the three episodes

Being face-to-face is becoming truly digital. Being on a live show gives this idea a platform to reinvent the Catalysts from being on stage to being on digital media.

“Most people are webinared out. So, we came back to a new format with two shows a week, high-profile guests, and an overall attitude of being amongst friends for half an hour.” – Brian Otten

The current feedback is excellent! People are excited to participate. LIVE is the main difference!

For the Catalysts, anything can happen! They are used to this concept which makes the LIVE digital format the perfect complement to the team. Their experience working in a room with clients and going off-the-cuff to bring a new and innovative presentation is why this concept works.

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This wouldn’t have happened without an amazing team to bring it all together, including Suresh Surenthiran, making it possible to be truly digital in a flash globally.

“We are not waiting for a new normal, the Catalysts are shaping the new normal. This is just the beginning.”

– Kay Lummitsch

Episode One

The first show features, Nizar Chaouch, Head of APIs at Airbus, who manages many teams to bring APIs to the company from mobile to DevOps. The IT landscape has adapted to the new normal of teleworking. Airbus adapted by adopting collaboration tools like GSuite and, with so many people working remotely, it has been a huge help. What was complicated for Nizar was encouraging the teams to have a smooth work-life balance.

Nizar says that complexity in business is adapting to priorities that will change. Information is constantly changing, and you have to keep teams motivated.

Manufacturers like Airbus are digital. You must start to make your IT monetization more agile with APIs. Further, around the API program, you must adapt to the organization of customer services, software, or more. Airbus’ strategy was based on engaging directly with the business of API or API products, as well as making business work together.

Watch episode 1 of BOTTEN & KLUMM featuring guest Nizar Chaouch (AIRBUS) about how to run a Digital Program in uncertain times.

Episode two

In episode two, Kay and Brian discuss “The Anatomy of Digital Teams” with Nick Katsivelos, Digital Advisor for Microsoft. Nick is a mentor working in collaboration with teams within Microsoft. Nick discusses how to get Digital Teams to work at their optimal level.

Nick takes his advisory even further by teaching at the university level to help graduating seniors get ready for today’s market. He also mentors startups. Nick has honed his skills to engage and guide teams. He establishes trust with his teams, which is key.

Driving changes takes time and close contact to drive the growth mindset.” Nick Katsivelos

The magic moments of growth come when you can help individuals or companies adapt. When you are a coach, you must meet the individual or organization halfway.

What works and what doesn’t?

The balance between the individual and the organization comes down to collaboration. How does it balance out? The shape an organization needs to come down to where is no true center of power.

Getting organizations to take risks and evolve forward is what is needed. Flexibility is key. Having the capability to drive the vision forward to operate in a different way for a digital company is a necessary need for the future. Go further with an accelerated journey.



Having a “factory approach” doesn’t work. People have an addiction to scalability, but you need to take time to build a practice that will be sustainable. Building a movement is what is ultimately sustainable.

Watch episode 2 of BOTTEN & KLUMM featuring guest Nick Katsivelos (Microsoft) about his views on which team setup works best to make a digital team successful.

Episode three

BOTTEN & KLUMM interviewed Allan Knabe an API Product Manager of  Allan recently started his own business that is now focusing on developing APIs and API Portals. The Developer Portal works to bring forth statistics and documentation for the consumer to use as a conduit to consume the API.

Benefits of having one portal vs two, you only have to set it up once and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. is solving the problems for the future by having a marketplace for the things your customer needs such as images, videos and features. You can also subscribe to a product as a customer. Allan is working with the customer to co-create the product as well. is revolutionary in that it gives the customer wants they need and want to solve their problems.

Watch episode 3 of BOTTEN & KLUMM featuring guest Allan Knabe, who is a long-time and whole-hearted API Product manger.

Episode four

Stay tuned for episode four when BOTTEN & KLUMM will interview Alan Glickenhouse of IBM. Alan is a friend and keynote speaker, as well as a key figure in the API world. Tune in!

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