Digital Transformation

Around the corner: A business and IT virtual series powered by Axway Catalysts

“Around the corner” is a new business and IT virtual series led by the Axway Catalyst team. In this series, our elite team of technology experts will be broadcasting exclusive, rich, and diverse content, covering all aspects of Digital Transformation and the API Journey.

During this series, you will also hear from external Thought Leaders, Customers, or Partners to share their ideas with us for further clarification.

Axway’s Catalysts

The Catalysts are Axway’s top ambassadors positioned to help enterprises make sound and informed decisions. The Catalysts’ diverse and enriched backgrounds drive Digital Transformation programs across many industries.

The Catalysts have helped hundreds of companies become successful with APIs. Plus, they are very well known in the API and Digital Transformation world for their informative webinars, seminars, and content.

You can follow up on a weekly basis with our dedicated landing page featuring all the upcoming virtual events.

Making API teams more effective

Erik Wilde will kick off the series with an open discussion about Making API teams more effective on April 21st. As part of the Catalyst Team, Erik focuses on topics such as API space standardization, formulation, and review of API strategies, API Design, and Product Management.

One of the challenges that many organizations face is how to scale their API journey. Getting started may not be easy, but scaling can turn out to be even more challenging to manage your enterprise in a better fashion. We look at some typical challenges organizations face when entering the scale-up phase, and how those challenges can be tackled.

Further, we will take a deep dive into the topic of API guidelines, which in virtually all organizations play an essential role in establishing, managing, and communicating good practices across API teams.

  • What are the main challenges to start your API journey?
  • Why do organizations often struggle to scale their API journey?
  • How can API guidelines help to share API practices across API product teams?

We will address these questions and more in this business and IT virtual series.

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