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A journey in the digital DeLorean: How they shape our past

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UPDATED 11/8/18

Even though it has now been 30+ years since the first Back to the Future film burst onto our screens, movie fans will need no reminder of the classic scene where Doc insists that Marty return to the future with him. It seems only appropriate to look at how digital technologies have shaped our past and will impact our future.

Digital DeLorean

To do just that, we invited the Deloitte Digital team to present during the second day. The team started by reminding us that technology has been mankind’s pivot for centuries. From the first tools that helped us hunt, gather and produce food to the advancements that helped us explore the world, technology has always been central to advancing our agenda. So why would now be any different?

It’s not. Digital technologies such as mobile devices, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and analytics are transforming all aspects of our lives. And the most exciting part is that the impact of digital technologies is only just beginning. As new innovations such as connected cars, digital money, and 3D manufacturing/printing reach the mainstream, we will continue to see exponential growth in the way digital technologies impact our personal and professional lives.

This amazing growth is why organizations across all industries are increasingly focused on how they can enable digital connectivity, experiences, and services. And while this is a complex journey, the Deloitte Digital team reminded us again that it is absolutely critical. This highlights how established organizations in healthcare, retail, automotive and financial services have been disrupted by new digital players entering the market.

Strategic plans

A fun and engaging presentation ended with practical advice for attendees, with the Deloitte Digital team outlining how organizations can develop strategic plans that support innovation and the strategic principles of digital business. While this didn’t predict the future, it did provide a great framework for organizations to manage it.

Although we might not have flying cars yet, and the Chicago Cubs aren’t going to win the World Series this year, digital technologies have changed the game and will continue to impact our future in many ways.

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