Digital Security

What is network security?

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Let’s face it, network structures are under siege from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. These exposures can be wide-ranging from applications, users, data, or even locations. This is where the term network security comes into play.

Network security is an all-encompassing term that includes processes and technologies. Broken down, network security consists of guidelines that work to protect the confidentiality of computer networks and data using software and hardware technologies. Security solutions must be in place to protect against cyber threats and complex issues.

Cybersecurity solutions

Many solutions are available to combat the ongoing problem of cybersecurity. It only takes a few seconds for your system to be disrupted, hence causing damage that is irrevocable to your enterprise. Companies have to act quickly and have a formidable security plan in place to protect the integrity of one’s enterprise to thwart security disasters.

Network security: How does it work?

Attacks can happen at any time and companies need to be armed with a strong network security solution. There are many levels involved, and the solution needs to be a strong fit for each area.

Three things come to mind: technical, physical, as well as administrative.

Let’s get technical

When you’re talking about technical security, this layer comes into play to safeguard the data that is stored on the network. Let’s face it, protection is cut down into two parts:

  1. It needs to safeguard and protect your data and structures from unauthorized attackers or personnel.
  2. It also needs to protect against the nefarious doings from companies’ employees.


Regarding physical security, this works to prevent unofficial employees from getting entree to the companies’ network mechanisms. This includes routers, data, etc. Authentication needs to be in place to safeguard such access.


With administrative security, this controls security policies and procedures that work to regulate user behavior. This also includes how one is given access to the network. IT needs to have strong security measures in place to protect the company’s data infrastructure.

Protection and security

It’s important to take the extra precautionary measures to keep attackers out of sight. For a company to have a sound solution in place, they must make sure that zero infiltration by attackers is a fact.

IT needs to take extra precautions to make sure that those that have access to the network are fully vetted. Keeping confidential documents in the strictest confidence is only for those who is

Most companies all have antivirus and protection for all-encompassing viruses, etc. A strong antivirus program that continually scans and protects, as well as keep track of one’s files is certainly necessary.

Firewall Defense

Having barrier protection between external sources and your internal network is a must. Most strong IT staff have this fact covered and have strong security measures in place to block malicious traffic.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

VPNs are around to generate a strong connection so that the network connects from another site or endpoint. Take note that data between these two points is encrypted, making it a necessity to authenticate the user.

Network security is a good practice culture that needs to be shared across employees. This applies to companies like Axway where solutions are used by customers to expose their systems.

For example, when doing PoCs, we often need to open a system to collaborate with partners and customers, and sometimes use customers’ data into the PoC which leads to:

  1. Lower the restrictions we often use for our employees.
  2. The need to guarantee that customer’s data will not leak outside.

A strong automatic process and learning plan have been put in place to allow us to do this with the responsibility of employees, as well as others involved (employees, partners, and customers).

At the end of the day, network security must be of the utmost and highest priority for any organization to keep their enterprises safe. This is why network security is in place to make this happen.

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