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API News Roundup – January 2021

As we bid farewell to 2020, we welcome the first API news roundup of 2021. Celebrate the new year with us as we look...
insurance trends

Insurance trends on the rise in 2020 and 2021

Today’s insurance companies continue to embrace new digital technologies. The emphasis is now on usage-based coverage and tailored premiums. By utilizing advanced analytics, IoT, and machine learning, more...
network security

What is network security?

Let’s face it, network structures are under siege from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. These exposures can be wide-ranging from applications, users, data, or even locations....
Consumer data (PII)

Consumer data (PII): Where, what and who is protecting it? Trends in Digital File...

One of the trends related to consumer data are regulations on how personally identifiable information (PII) is protected. The most recognizable examples are the...
Ransomware protection and recovery

Ransomware protection and recovery in healthcare

Hospitals are one of the most vulnerable institutions to ransomware attacks because of the services they provide, as they can’t sustain significant periods of...
AI adoption

Learn how to overcome barriers to AI adoption

AI (read TechTarget’s definition of Artificial Intelligence) has become one of the hottest technologies out there, but some companies are still ambivalent about AI...
share files and collaborate

Real-time document protection and backup with Syncplicity

Real-time document protection and backup with Syncplicity solves multiple use cases! Have you ever worried about losing your files and not being...
API cyberattack security

Ping Identity IDENTIFY 2018 wrap-up: API cyberattack security

In October and November, Ping Identity teamed up with Axway as a global sponsor to deliver the highest level of API cyberattack security at...
shared links

Reducing the impact of ransomware attacks and controlling Shadow IT

With a growing tally of high-profile incidents, multiple warnings from European and US agencies on increased cyber threats, employees are tempted to use collaborative...
digital business advantage

Highlights and hot topics from Sibos 2017 Toronto

Updated 11/6/18 Sibos 2017 Toronto In 2017, conversations at Sibos 2017 Toronto were dominated by the changes brought by the digital revolution, AI, the acceleration of...

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