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Accelerate your enterprise API strategy with Axway Catalysts

Accelerate Journey: Accelerate your enterprise API strategy with Axway Catalysts

The right technology is the secret sauce for your API-first strategy, but it’s not the whole enchilada. That’s why the Axway Catalysts help winning enterprises make better decisions about enterprise API strategy and how to transform their businesses.

Accelerate Journey: a strategic offering

Those decisions can involve leading technology like Amplify Platform, but they also center on teams, governance, funding, ecosystems, monetization, adoption, and other factors that determine who comes out on top in the digital economy.

The Axway Catalysts are a team of experts from around the world who share a passion for digital transformation and API-based solutions.

With their Accelerate Journey service offering, you get the coaching and expertise you need to accelerate your execution of an aligned, API-first enterprise strategy through a series of structured workshops.

“We will show you how to change your behavior and communication patterns from their very core to overcome the confusion that today’s standard agile API delivery approaches can present for the modern enterprise,” says Axway Catalyst Brian Otten.

What to expect from Accelerate Journey

Axway Catalysts will guide you through six workshops designed to cover all aspects of your API initiatives: API Strategy, Program, Product, Design, DevOps, and API Adoption.

The entire mission lasts around 3 months, and Catalysts work with your people in a variety of roles (project manager, head of architecture, security manager, etc.) depending on the workshop.

“Many organizations start out on API journey, and it quickly ends up in pockets,” says Otten. “Isolated parts of the organization are developing or using APIs and the organization can’t really get the full benefit of doing it at scale.

This is why, as Catalysts, we help organizations work from a strategic standpoint.

Being an open platform company means that you have a business model and a technology model that come together. To me, that’s what it really means to be digital.”

Read Brian Otten’s thoughts on why APIs need a business vision to drive value.

Turning business goals into reality

Axway’s experts have contributed to the success of ambitious, API-based transformation programs in major industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and banking.

For example, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies called on the Axway Catalysts to help improve its time to market for new medications, a goal achieved through rapid, API-powered access to data.

“We knew that API adoption would be crucial to accelerate our transformation, but our engagement with Axway Catalysts showed us that we needed to think even bigger,” comments a spokesperson. “By breaking out of the mindset of small, siloed API teams, we have totally reimagined the experience for both API producers and consumers.”

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Powered by Amplify, leading German private and corporate bank Commerzbank is creating new business models and enabling innovative fintech partnerships. And it’s made possible thanks to a combination of technology platform + valuable expertise.

“From the very beginning, Axway has been a true strategic partner to Commerzbank,” says Christoph Berentzen, Head of API & Open Banking/Cluster Lead API Banking, Commerzbank. “We know we can count on Axway to help us build and refine a new generation of customer-centric services.”

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HM Health Solutions (HMHS), a leading technology partner for the healthcare industry, worked with Axway to create compelling, API-powered digital experiences for members.

“The tools, techniques, and modern API thought processes introduced by the Catalyst team have provided significant value to HM Health Solutions,” says HMHS Senior Architect Marc Patterson.

“While our organization is in the early phases of the API First Journey, our internal and external customers have already been delighted with the early progress and API experiences the Catalyst team helped us create. We look forward to continuing the Journey.”

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Continuing the API journey

With Axway, you’re connected to a team of experts and consultants that can shape the solution to your unique operations and plans for growth.

The Axway Catalysts’ driving philosophy when implementing the components of an API program comes down to three essential goals:

  • Focus on consumer outcomes
  • Embed a product-focused Design-first culture
  • Enable program-level oversight and governance

With Accelerate Journey, the Axway Catalysts will help you get the most value out of your strategic technology investments. After all, aren’t the best journeys the ones we take with the right people by our side?

Get more details on Accelerate Journey and how the Catalysts can help jumpstart your enterprise API strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology alone can’t determine the success of API-based digital transformation.
  • Factors like teams, governance, funding, ecosystems, and monetization are also critical to transforming your technology and business.
  • The Axway Catalysts help guide customers in their API programs and strategies.
  • Accelerate Journey is a service offering from the Catalysts to accelerate your execution of an aligned, API-first enterprise strategy in a series of six workshops.