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Mesh Governance is updated!

Mesh Governance updates

Mesh Governance is back! I want to share several recent updates we have made to update the mesh Traceability Agent reporting to the API Observer in Central.

Mesh Governance updates

  • Mesh Governance now deploys using the most current version of Istio 1.6; version 1.6.8. This makes certain we are using the most current and secure Istio mesh version available. It also fixes a few minor defects in our policy support.
  • The Mesh Traceability Agent now logs the HTTP headers. It brings mesh logging into alignment with other connected gateway agents.
    • This feature is configurable, with the ability to turn the header logging on and off via a new deployment option. Both of these updates are documented in refreshed installation and deployment instructions to clarify some steps and update others for new options and tooling; links are below.

Here is what the API Observer view of mesh traffic will now look like…

API Observer

How to get this new version

  • You can build a new k8s cluster and deploy the new Istio version and updated mesh agents to it, or you can uninstall your current versions of Istio and the mesh agents and then follow the instructions (see links below) to deploy the validated version of Istio and the newly updated mesh agents.
  • You will need to create a new Central environment for your agents to get the correct agent overrides file to apply when re-deploying the new Istio layer and the updated mesh agents.
    • If you are updating an existing Kubernetes cluster, this will connect it to the new Central environment and your existing services will automatically publish. You can then simply delete the old mesh environment from Central.

What are we doing next?

The next planned Mesh Governance update will deploy an updated Discovery Agent that can connect to the Central Topology environment view and expose Discovery results (Kubernetes pods, services, Swagger) directly to the AMPLIFY CLI.

The Mesh Governance platform solution option to enable it is now gone with the new AMPLIFY Platform refresh. But new subscriptions enabling Application Integration will activate all of Central and the Unified Catalog by default.

Mesh Governance is available in the Central Topology AddEnvironment view along with constantly updating options for connecting the AMPLIFY API Management  v7 and AWS API Gateway agents and environments.

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