Benefits of self-service APIs

API ecosystem

In the eighth video on APIs and microservices, you learn how the growing trend for APIs is going in the direction of self-service APIs.

It’s no surprise that people want their customer experience to be fast and efficient. Who has time to stand in a long line? Today’s technology affords you the true benefits of self-service APIs which are now the norm.

Self-service APIs

A wonderful example of self-service APIs is grocery shopping. Remember the days when you stood in line with loads of people while the cashier rung up each item individually? Well, thanks to APIs, those dull days are over. Basically, you can go to almost any grocery store or go pharmacy and have a self-service line within reach. Basically, “self-service is really something that drives more use; whether it’s buying groceries or using your APIs to create more business value.”

Another remarkable example of self-service APIs at work is in Seattle, Washington. I certainly would not have believed it if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes. Thanks to Amazon Go, you now have the first “no lines, no checkout” store in the world. The beauty of Amazon Go is that after you download the app to get into the store, you just walk in, pick up your soda and sandwich, and literally walk out the door. APIs do all the work and send the receipt to you online within minutes—simply amazing! And now this store concept is in other cities as well. As mentioned, “compare that to standing in line and waiting for five people in front of you; that always seems longer than it should be to get to the front of the line.”

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