API Management

Axway AMPLIFY™ API Management introduction: Learn how API Management works

API Management

Bringing together full support for true digital transformation is what AMPLIFY API Management is all about. AMPLIFY cloud-enabled data integration allows your customer experience to flourish and your company to profit for the greater good.

AMPLIFY API Management

How is this possible? When you can’t release data that is wedged in silos, your company falls behind and stays stuck in a rut! With AMPLIFY API Management capabilities, you help release this data, and this opens up your ability to produce at optimum levels. This process is needed for the complete lifecycle of your APIs to reach their full potential.

This proficiency helps cover the field from the instant your API is created to the moment it withdrawals from an API Catalog. Read more about what an API Catalog is here.

Thanks to these extensive abilities at your disposal, your company is able to bring about a digital transformation in a much faster manner. With the enablement of DevOps in the mix, you have further capabilities of consistent integration, along with deployment and improvement.

Consequently, with the aid of AMPLIFY’s secure groundwork, APIs are turned into services for the consumer. Additionally, AMPLIFY’s app development permits iOS and Android apps to work together for better results.

Axway AMPLIFY API Management also delivers an accelerator marketplace. This brings together over a million developers to make your path to success a reality. Thanks to analytics, along with a monitoring guide, you are given advance notice of threats that can hinder your performance. Learn all about the six ways to scale enterprise-level APIs and microservices with our INFOGRAPHIC here.

Another essential function of Axway AMPLIFY API Management is that it’s available for the cloud, hybrid or on-premises usage. This provides flexibility and more possibilities for your company.

Have you ever wondered why APIs and API Management are such necessary processes? Learn more about the importance of API Management in your digital strategy.