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What is an API Portal?

What is an API Portal

An API Portal bridges the gap between Products and Community. In technical terms, it’s the interface (usually a website) between API Providers (produces APIs) and API Consumers (developer community). It is also known as a developer portal for the main consumers of APIs are developers that can be internal, external, or partners. With a flawless API Portal, it provides the best developer experience to register, explore, and consume APIs, as well as getting support when needed.


A solid API Portal provides a frictionless onboarding experience that entails a well-crafted “getting started” guide for developers to sign up. In an ideal scenario, developers can easily self-register, setting up an account, manage personal information, register their applications, and its security credentials required to access the APIs.

Explore and consume

Being well-designed includes an API Catalog that lists all the available APIs, its definition, and security. Developers can easily discover these APIs and their associated documentation and invoke APIs using a built-in test functionality that points to a sandbox environment. Providing interactive playgrounds to sample API requests and responses.

To make it easier and faster for developers to consume the APIs, offering code samples and libraries also called SDK (software development kit) should be available for them to download so they can begin building immediately. Watch this video and learn how to configure an API Portal–Public API Mode Part 1.


With a durable API Portal, it offers you several channels, such as FAQs, articles, discussion forums, and blogs, to allow developers to post questions, share their experience, make suggestions, provide more information for the developers and encourage developer engagement. Forums and blogs can be used by the API Providers to notify the developer community of any changes with the API or to introduce new initiatives.

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