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Knock down barriers to content collaboration in healthcare

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Content Collaboration in Healthcare has the potential to revolutionize the industry. For almost a decade, Healthcare thought leaders and regulators have worked to reduce paper and power collaboration. Interoperability was our watchword as the HITECH Act drove adoption of EHRs and funded state HIEs.

Here we are nine years later, working on attachments for EDI messaging and still trying to get every version of our electronic records systems to communicate with every other version. Sadly, we really need secure content collaboration in healthcare delivery—covering every aspect, from Prior Authorization to Hospital Census to Preventing Hospital Re-admissions.

Bottom line

Today, some are still using tools of the past to move data at speeds that don’t their needs. Even setting up a connection requires more time and technical skills that clinicians have available and as a result, we still exchange data via fax and portals. The bottom line remains that clinicians do not have a secure reliable means to exchange data with new partners or even new kinds of data with old partners.

Clinicians still rely on tech support to open communication channels and orchestrate file movements. We need to empower clinicians to share data when needed without delay. Most would agree with this goal, but the goal is as elusive as ever. I think that the solution is much simpler and within our reach.

A needed solution

What is needed is a solution that empowers clinicians and uses modern digital architecture. Clinicians need to be empowered and given solutions that reduce administrative complexity and workload. They should not be forced to wait for connections to be built, tested and delivered in production. Security officers need a policy-driven solution that can be configured to protect data in an unobtrusive manner.

Technologists need enterprise-grade solutions that work inside the firewall and outside with external partners. After all, meaningful content collaboration is often with those outside our four walls—specialists, insurers, third-party administrators, regulators, etc.

Content collaboration in healthcare is happening all around us—quality reporting, risk scoring, outcome-based care, case management and so on. Given all these constraints and desires for empowerment, why do I think the solution is closer than we believe?

Content collaboration in healthcare delivers

  1. Collaboration inside and outside healthcare facilities in real-time and with everyone, not just a chosen few.
  2. Enforce Security + Protection through granular policies that enforce best practice and protect from accidental disclosure.
  3. Modern Digital Technology delivers hybrid solutions that break down data silos to exchange data faster and with unprecedented ease.

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