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Technical Marketing Manager - Joel has extensive experience in business interaction to plan and execute the technical roadmap to accelerate business outcomes. He has15+ years of experience in Enterprise Architecture and leading development teams for end-to-end software development and implementation. Joel currently lives in Phoenix and finds Arizona as the perfect place where he can enjoy mountain biking, golf and hiking with his dogs all year round.
API Portals importance

API Portals: Why are they important?

We often think of APIs in a very technical way, but in reality, APIs are about providing business offerings and value. Many organizations treat...
What is an API Portal

What is an API Portal?

An API Portal bridges the gap between Products and Community. In technical terms, it's the interface (usually a website) between API Providers (produces APIs)...
dockers and kubernetes

Demystifying Docker and Kubernetes

Over the last few years, software containers have dramatically changed the way IT organizations build, deploy, run and maintain applications. The cost benefits and...
DevOps pipeline - An assembly line analogy

DevOps pipeline–an assembly line analogy

It is a well-known fact that the car industry went through an evolution and perfected a highly efficient approach to manufacturing cars. It went...

API Builder: A simple CI/CD implementation – Part 2

In this post, we'll cover the complete CI/CD process to automate the build of an API Builder project and run it as a Docker...

API Builder: A simple CI/CD implementation – Part 1

In this blog post, we'll walk through the steps for how to easily implement a CI/CD pipeline with stages that automatically build, run, and test an...

API Builder Standalone: Extend Flow Editor with Template Plugin

A template engine enhances a developer's ability to transform a given data into a different format with minimal coding. By default, the API Builder...

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