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Transform It Forward Podcast by Paul French


Transforming the Insurance industry

The pandemic impacted dramatically the insurance industry. Yet, some providers have been quick to evolve in the face of the crisis, while others had...
financial services

Transforming fintech with Jon Schlossberg

There’s a revolution happening in the financial sector, and in many areas, it’s happening fast. Technology is transforming the way we do just about...
Transform It Forward with Aviva Fink

Transforming commercial real estate with Aviva Fink

The pandemic served as a catalyst for countless major shifts in the way we work, live, and interact with each other. New habits and...
Transform It Forward with Jacqueline Teo

Transforming the telecommunications industry with Jacqueline Teo

For most businesses, the pandemic brought with it a decline in sales and an overall hit to their revenue streams. While the telecommunications industry...
transforming the future for women in tech

Axway Summit 2021: Transforming the future for women in tech

Although women represent nearly half of the entire workforce today, they’re still massively underrepresented in the technology industry. What’s more, McKinsey’s 2020 Women in the...
Transform It Forward talks with Simon Glass

Video as the future of market research with Simon Glass

Video conferencing for business isn't new. For years, companies have been using it to collaborate, present, and discuss collecting qualitative consumer research. And when...
Transform It Forward with Dan Watt

The changing frontier of insurance with Dan Watt

If there is an industry in need of transformation, it's insurance. Current legacy systems, disparate technology, and antiquated processes cause insurance carriers to lose...
Evan Sohn

Transforming talent: Your most important asset with Evan Sohn

Arguably, the company's most important asset is its people. And in today's changing landscape, finding the right people has never been more important. Right now,...
Transform it Forward with Vicki Knott

Exploring digital transformation in the energy industry with Vicki Knott

On the Transform It Forward podcast, we explore all kinds of transformations within industries like healthcare and distribution. What’s even more significant is that...
supply chain transformation

Four keys to supply chain transformation with Sweetwater’s Robert Gerwig

Stop for a second to consider how ubiquitous and easy ordering something online is and having it delivered. It’s simple for the buyer, but...
Manulife’s remote work transformation

Five lessons from Manulife’s remote work transformation [PODCAST]

This year, most of our work environments look different from before. Although remote work was picking up traction through 2019, no one could have...
How the pandemic is accelerating the future of healthcare [PODCAST]

How the pandemic is accelerating the future of healthcare [PODCAST]

Over the past few months, our relationship with healthcare has changed — from telemedicine visits to wearing masks in public places. It's safe to say...
The Happiness Model

The Happiness Model: How happy employees create customer satisfaction

2020 has changed how customers interact with their favorite brands. Companies have had to get creative in the way they communicate with their customers,...
4 tips for Digital Transformation

Four tips for Digital Transformation during COVID with Victor Lee

Today, the customer experience looks much different from a few mere months ago. In particular, consumer-packaged goods have transformed completely from their retail presence,...
Transform it Forward with Anna Foat

Five lessons for Digital Transformation with Anna Foat 

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed everything about the world we live in. Digital Transformation is no exception. Transform it Forward podcast In the first...

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