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How Operational Intelligence and Lean Six Sigma help finding and removing waste

My colleague, Michael Skinner, Pre-Sales Consultant on Analytics explained in a previous blog post How Operational Intelligence tools and Lean Six Sigma improve business processes....
operational intelligence

How Operational Intelligence and Lean Six Sigma improve business processes

In a previous blog post What does Lean Six Sigma mean to your digital business?, my colleague Michael Skinner explained the concept of...

Real-time analytics ensure customer experience and boost revenue

Complimentary article from my colleague Clay Cowdery, sharing his thoughts on real-time analytics. Clay is Business Performance Strategist and working on Analytics at Axway. The...
IoT to the rescue

Whoever said technology and sports don’t mix clearly had it wrong

Imagine sitting in the locker room after a football game, as you relive that winning touchdown catch. But instead of simply watching the game...

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