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Mesh Governance Feedback

How to Submit Mesh Governance Feedback via the Community Portal

Axway AMPLIFY™ Central Mesh Governance features capabilities that help you accelerate integration and adoption of Microservice-based APIs. Mesh Governance allows you to connect your existing...

AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance is Here…But, What’s a Service Mesh?

AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance is available in beta. All new organizations that join the AMPLIFY platform are automatically enrolled in the public beta program...

New User Experience on the AMPLIFY™ Platform

Not long ago, on April 2, we launched version 6.0.0 of the AMPLIFY Platform with a brand-new service offering - Application Integration - that combines...

The AMPLIFY™ platform – it’s HIP, it’s big, it’s here!

Axway is pleased to announce the next major release of the AMPLIFY platform. (Read the Axway AMPLIFY Integration announcement here.) Apart from a refresh...

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